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Wyoming changes hunt areas, increases pressure on Gros Ventre and Dubois-area wolves 

JACKSON — Wolf hunt area boundaries are being redrawn and quotas boosted because the Gros Ventre area’s elk and Whiskey Mountain’s bighorn sheep are shifting their winter ranges. In both cases there’s little evidence wolf predation is driving populations down, but wildlife managers believe Canis lupus is a culprit in pushing ungulates off high-quality habitat during the hardest time of year. Partly due to this predator-prey dynamic, the maximum number of wolves that can be killed is going from nine to 15 in hunt areas that hug the Gros Ventre River. The quota is increasing from six to eight in [...]

Adrian Treves Trust Research

Wolf Conservation center is finally beginning to follow our research it appears, but rather than Joining Us, are posting our path and similar information on protecting Your Childrens resources. Why would a Pro Wolf Group not join those that have been publishing this path for years?  The Difference between Us is We are using 7 Native American Children, as well as 7 other Children. We have the Research that they can not use without Us ;) Wildlife and other natural resources are a public trust which means that every citizen has an interest and a voice in the management of [...]

Wyoming Game and Fish Seek Public Comment on Wolf Hunting 

Protect The Wolves™ will again call for proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone in Laramie Wyoming, Hopefully this year with more public support. Wolves everywhere need their protection, however are being wrongfully targeted in Wyoming, not to mention Wyoming continues to blatantly offending Native American Religious Beliefs. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is soliciting public comment on its proposed wolf hunting regulations. Public comment will be accepted between now and 5 p.m. June 4, 2018. You can submit comments online through the Game and Fish website. Comments can also be mailed to the following address: Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regulations 3030 Energy Lane Casper, WY 86204 In [...]

Wolves Are Mercilessly Targeted For Their ‘Bad Reputation’ – Here’s How We Can Stop That – Get Our Research Into Court

We can Stop this persecution of your Wildlife with your help.   We can Stop this persecution of your Wildlife with your help. How? Get Our Research into court in EVERY SINGLE WOLF STATE ;) Wolves everywhere need our Help. We have the necessary research done to protect Our National Park Resources as well to establish our Proposed "Sacred Resource Protection Zone". We have the necessary research to deal with special Interest Elected Officials. We have The Necessary Attorneys waiting for the Public to join Us, We as the Public hold the power, it is beyond time we begin [...]