Protect Sacred Yellowstone Grizzlies

//Protect Sacred Yellowstone Grizzlies


YELLOWSTONE WOLVES, BISON, AND GRIZZLIES TARGETED Wyoming offends Native American Religious Beliefs calling Sacred Species “Vermin” Redding, California: Yellowstone Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies need your help. Time is of the essence, every day more park Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies are at risk of losing their lives to Greedy Elected Officials, Rancher pressure and Hunters. Wyoming is proposing the Slaughter of 24 Grizzlies, 12 of which are targeted at Yellowstone Grizzlies on its borders.  There are 6 nonresident Tags proposed, for Six Thousand dollars each, and 18 for Wyoming Hunters, at the cost of Six Hundred dollars each. Clearly, Wyoming has no business [...]

Wyoming Game and Fish seeks public input

Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need proposed "Sacred Resource Protection Zone" Wyoming needs to hear We are tired of them managing our Federal Resources under the influence of Hunters and Ranchers before there are no Wildlife left for Our Children to enjoy. They need to once again hear about Our Proposed "Sacred Resource Protection Zone". We will be personally calling Director Talbott and again requesting a Meeting with the Tribal Groups that we assembled for his canceled meeting. Wyoming has proven time and time again not being fit to manage the Public's Resources. From backing out of meetings to getting caught [...]

Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green, (36-CFR 218.7) Project 3049

Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green Your Page clearly stated all Objections emailed by the 8th of January 2018.   ATTENTION: Dave Booth Pinedale Ranger District 29 East Fremont Lake Rd. P.O. Box 220, Pinedale, WY, 82941 [email protected] David Booth and Objection Reviewing Officer: Dear Sirs, This is a formal request to add me to list of concerned Citizens who are to be contacted with regard to the scoping of such projects as the Upper Green Grazing Project. Please put me on your list of citizens to inform of any and all other NEPA projects [...]