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Protect The Wolves today

Greetings Everyone,   We at Protect The Wolves® are striving to become THE VOICE that our Wolves, Bison, Grizzlies Cougars need to help insure their safety and continuance of life freely.

Wolves and Wildlife everywhere is depending on all of us. They cannot go to the “Capitol” to Speak for themselves.

Immediate Action:

Their Lives are depending on all of us to take action.

We hope that all 50,600 people on our Facebook Page Protect The Wolves as of today, can show their Love of wolves with even a small donation, it will enable us to successfully move the Idaho Location that is presently being harassed to California.

Your Loving Donation will help us create a Sanctuary location that will help save wolves Nationwide, not just these first 23.

It will also enable us to expand our Native American Religious Voice, which we are told from Large NPOs that it may be their only hope to stop the slaughter from above.

Please help Protect The Wolves® today with your donation.

All donations are appreciated, large or small.

The love behind your donation speaks volumes for the wolves.

Wolves are unable to Speak for themselves; we have to do it for them.

It requires much more than merely typing “I Stand For Wolves”

Protect The Wolves® is a vital Native American Religious 501c3

We want you to know that all donations to our Fundraiser are not only to relocate 23 Wolves from Idaho to California, it will also help to make it possible to speak for our Sacred Wildlife Nationwide and are Tax Deductible under applicable IRS Rules on Donations..

Protect The Wolves® 501c3 status Protect The Wolves Nopnprofit Status Letter

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