Formal ATV Donation Request to WDFW

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Formal ATV Donation Request to WDFW

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protect the wolves range rider program


Protect The Wolves

9:13 PM (0 minutes ago) 7/31/2017

to WildthingDonnySharraScottJohnKevinKirkStephanieHankAnnaAdamErikTimWilliamNickJohn,

To Whom it May Concern,

 On Behalf of Protect The Wolves™
  Please consider this a Formal Request to Donate  ATVs for the Range Rider Program. Title can be signed over to WDFW for Legal Purposes.
  Our Sacred Resources need more protection than obviously is being provided. We feel that this is a solution to get them the needed Human Presence in order to provide a safer Environment for All Sacred Species present on the Colville Grazing Allotments.
 Director Unsworth has already had a voice mail left to him on 7/21/2017 with a failure to respond on his Part already. Continued Failure to respond will result in a legal Response.
In addition  multiple emails have been sent to Donny Martorello, whom also has failed to Respond.
Protect The Wolves™
Patricia Herman President 406-219-8690
Roger Dobson Director
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