Idaho’s wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to kill the animals.

/, Protect The Wolves, Protect The Wolves/Idaho’s wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to kill the animals.

Idaho’s wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to kill the animals.

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Protect Idaho Wolves

Its pretty sad when they do a poll… they think its ok to kill wolves, and remove millions from their state budget that could have gone towards education. Especially when Idaho has done such blatantly illegal things like collaring wolves when they were supposed to be collaring Elk.

BOISE — As hunting is resulting in a slow but steady decline of Idaho’s wolf population, a Boise State University poll taken earlier this year showed strong statewide support for the hunting of wolves.

Idaho’s minimum, documented wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to kill the animals.

It peaked at 856 in 2009, the first year Idaho allowed hunters to take wolves, before a lawsuit that resulted in the animals being put back on the endangered species list halted that hunting season.

Since wolves were permanently delisted and hunting resumed in 2011, the population has slowly declined and was 786 at the end of 2015.

“The overall wolf population has stabilized since state management [and hunting] began in 2011,” said Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Mike Keckler. “That’s when that 30-40 percent population increase we were seeing annually stopped.”

A poll taken in January shows support for the hunts.

“Our … survey showed it’s not popular to be a wolf in Idaho,” said Corey Cook, dean of BSU’s School of Public Service, which conducted the poll. “People didn’t express a lot of support for wolves.”

The phone survey of 1,000 Idahoans was conducted in all regions of the state and the results — strong support for wolf hunting — were the same.

The poll results showed that 72 percent of people surveyed supported wolf hunting while 22 percent opposed it.

Fifty-one percent of respondents strongly supported wolf hunting compared with 13 percent who strongly opposed it.

Even in Boise, Idaho’s main urban area, 64 percent of respondents favored allowing hunters to take wolves while 28 percent opposed that.

The poll results show that Idahoans understand hunting is an important wolf management tool, said Idaho Farm Bureau Federation spokesman John Thompson.

“It certainly is a good thing to hear,” he said. “You certainly wouldn’t expect to find that (support) in some of the other states that wolves are moving into.”

After wolves were re-introduced into Idaho in 1994 and 1995, the animal’s population grew rapidly, expanding at a rate of 30-40 percent annually.

Hunting has stopped that growth.

“We’re getting over the honeymoon period (and) people see hunting as a good tool in the management toolbox,” Thompson said.

While wolf hunting has been successful in controlling the animal’s population in Idaho, IDFG numbers show that wolves are getting smarter when it comes to avoiding hunters.

During the 2010-2011 hunting season, Idaho’s first full year of wolf hunting, 181 wolves were killed by hunters. That number rose to 376 the next year but has declined each year since then, to 319 and then 303 and 249 last year.

So far this season, 154 wolves have been killed by hunters in Idaho.

When it came to state efforts to reduce the wolf population, support was solid but a little less favorable than for hunting.

When told that Idaho lawmakers approved spending $400,000 annually to reduce the state’s wolf population, 56 percent of people surveyed supported state efforts while 38 percent opposed them.

Source: Capital Press

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  1. Janice Crompton January 11, 2017 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Please stop killing and hunting the wolves We will have no animals left! All these beautiful animals are going extinct please stop

  2. Karen LaFountain January 25, 2017 at 9:02 am - Reply

    I am not in the least bit surprised at the lengths Idaho government will go to further their position of systematic genocide of the wolf. Through manipulation of reported wolf numbers to planting fictional poll results to indicate Idaho’s citizens are more than 75% in agreement that wolves must go! I find their methods as well as their ethics to be so indicative of a government that will do anything to assure they remain in good standing with their financial support from the REAL power in this state- the cattlemen and the hunting association who fuel billions in license revenue. The days are long gone when the health, beauty and pride in our natural world with a thriving ecosystem that wolves greatly contribute, of no value to these “good ol’boys. I have studied in depth the wolf issue here in Idaho, and the scientific facts don’t lie! There is no greater deterrent to moral and ethical government than greed and
    self importimportance . Indeed, I fear the fate of the wolf and nature itself has become non essential and expendable to our conservative government. People need to wake up and fully understand what is at stake. To destroy nature and it’s soldiers like the wolf in favor of prosperity is to guarantee the eventual destruction of mankind. We must decide right now, what is important, is it cattle, and the personal riches of a few, or the morality of protecting our natural world and the survival of a healthy ecosystem which will sustain us, and our children for much longer than a rich cattle baron or hunting excursion for sport. And it does beg a question-..what will the hunting tag be used for, when we no longer have wildlife to hunt? Our pets, our children?

    • Twowolves January 25, 2017 at 12:53 pm - Reply

      Too Sad but True… there is no end to the lengths that these crooked Politicians will go to

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