Letter: Slaughter of wolves – enough is enough

//Letter: Slaughter of wolves – enough is enough

Letter: Slaughter of wolves – enough is enough

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Protcet The Wolves

Ftrom What I see in this Article… The officials in Wisconsin could give 2 Sh*** about Our Spiritual Animals. They have killed almost as many there as Idaho!

Would state management endanger wolves?

Three days following the relisting of Great Lakes wolves, one of Wisconsin’s wolf recovery biologists, Richard Thiel answered “The jury is out.”

The following examples of mismanagement by Wisconsin may have something to do with that:

Seventeen wolf packs are gone.

Over 500 killed in trophy hunts.

Over 170 killed at the behest of livestock.

Between 180-360 poached wolves (see Stenglein UW-Madison).

Decrease in pack size to 3.2.

The unprecedented use of hound dogs trained to track, trail and fight with adult wolves, breeding females, yearlings and pups 365/24/7.

Unenforced and increasing threats of poaching by fringe hunting groups.

Unregulated trapping in woods saturated with bait and gruesome traps including snares where up to 97 percent overkill was allowed in areas of prime wolf habitat.

Ongoing efforts by trophy hunting groups to establish unlimited killing of wolves in two-thirds of the state.

No regulations to protect wolves at dens and rendezvous sites or during nine-day gun season, when 590,000 deer hunters are on the landscape, a majority who have a hatred for wolves.

Is it no wonder that six independent biologists sent a letter in September to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serve requesting emergency relisting for Wisconsin’s wolves?

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  1. Mike Collins February 2, 2015 at 9:06 am - Reply

    All predators are important to maintaining balance
    but wolves are crucial to the equation of survival
    for all living things beyond the average lower level
    predator for a couple clear cut reasons.
    one of which is that wolf populations actually keep
    other more dangerous to human predators away such as
    bears and cougars! which lets face it,Bears and Cougars
    are also vital predators for sure but they are both
    much more dangerous to our pets and children then our
    sacred wolves..look no children have ever been consumed
    by the big bad wolf that so many fear out of ignorance today
    so,mankind must open our collective consciousnesses and our
    eyes and hearts immediately to stop the bloodbath before to
    many are lost to return the balance to nature which must be found for the survival of all living things to be ensured.

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