Martorello Thinks more reports will ok his slaughters?

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Martorello Thinks more reports will ok his slaughters?

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Smackout Wolf Pack: 2017 lethal removal action Published September 21, 2017; Revised September 26, 2017

Martorello Thinks more papers will ok his slaughters? He is so far illegal it is not even laughable. He has refused to involve IWC for over 2 years now. Refused to involve the public in his kangaroo court policy, Violated Due Process and the Public’s Constitutional  Rights since the beginning. Has allowed Special Interests like Washington State Self Serving Elected Officials to influence policy to benefit themselves. Goes on to claim that this report fulfills his lethal removal protocol…. Martorello  and Unsworth have also refused to respond to our Formal Request to participate in the Range Rider Program with the donation of ATVs for their Range Rider Program.

We have to laugh at his intelligence level, and his fatal attempt to justify these Slaughters of our Sacred Species. He has drafted a policy at the hands of Special Interest, and that the so called conservation Orgs in Washington State on WAG  approved….. they somehow seem to think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is deeply disturbing that those Orgs agreed to this. They have forgotten that speaking for wildlife is what is important.

This report describes the management actions taken by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW or department) from September 21, 2016 through September 21, 2017 to address recurrent livestock depredations by the Smackout Pack.

While much of this information has been posted on the department’s website, this report consolidates that material and provides a broader context for WDFW’s management activities.

This report also fulfills a provision of the collaboratively developed current Wolf Livestock Interaction Protocol (Protocol), which calls for the department to provide a final report to the public after using lethal removal to address livestock depredations. The department’s actions were guided by the state’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan (Wolf Plan), adopted by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission in 2011 to provide a path toward recovery of the species.

In 2017, WDFW in collaboration with the 18-member Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) developed a wolf livestock interaction protocol to help guide the decision making process of proactively reducing the potential for recurrent wolf depredations on livestock while continuing to promote wolf recovery. Both the Wolf Plan and the Protocol describe a management strategy for addressing wolf livestock interactions primarily with nonlethal preventative measures in recognition that lethal removal of wolves may be necessary to address recurring depredations.



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