Montana Slaughters another Possible Park Wolf

Montana Slaughters another Possible Park Wolf

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Yellowstone Wolves. protect the wolves, sacred resource protection zone

Montana has Slaughtered another possible Yellowstone Wolf in Unit 316

Including 18 Possible Park Wolves have Given their Lives in Wyoming, and 19 more in the rest of Wyoming as of Today.

The hunters are camped tight against the boundary line in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Some Trophy Zones have Yellowstone park on both its North and South Boundaries. Then take a look at the rest of the state…not 1 Trophy Unit in it. It is all designated along Yellowstone and Teton’s border. This speaks volumes of the intent to take as many park wolves as they can. Are you ready to allow that to happen? There is a way to stop this. Take your power back that these states have stripped you of and let’s get these beloved wolves back to protection & safety. Now is the time to do it. Now is why the wolves desperately need you.

Policy States that Federal Resources are protected as well. Park Policy states that “OUR” sacred resources our protected. Wolves are considered 1 of our sacred resources. Federal Policy also states our resources are protected not only on but off Reservations

How many more Yellowstone Wolves will need to needlessly die before you say “no more”! Let’s get this done…Now! Our Sacred Resource Protection Zone helping keep Park Wolves safe is beyond Needed. We asked for your support in May when We began to Petition States surrounding the National Parks. Wolves are now crying out for your help by needlessly being slaughtered now

Help Us Help Park Wolves Here:

With Your Support, We can be successful in putting an End to this Needless Slaughter!! Thank you for Joining The Howl that will be heard around the world!

Remember: All of Our Staff including Directors are Volunteers 😉 we do not pay 400,000 per year Director Salaries, or Staff Salaries

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