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If we fail to come together as on large Voice of 54,800 Strong… I dont want to think of what will happen to our Wildlife.

The shooting is likely to intensify debate about how to best manage wolves in the Yellowstone area. As it is, park wolves can be legally shot when they wander outside of the park. At least one group, the Native American advocacy organization Protect the Wolves, has proposed establishing a 31-mile “buffer zone” outside of the park where wolves cannot be shot.

Wolves were extirpated from most of the continental United States by the 20th century due to widespread persecution. In 1995, officials reintroduced a small number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Since then, wolf numbers have increased in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, and they have been removed from Endangered Species Act protections in all three states. It’s currently legal to shoot wolves with a permit in Montana from September to April, but obviously not within park territory.


Source: A Famous White Wolf in Yellowstone Was Illegally Shot to Death, Necropsy Shows