Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green, (36-CFR 218.7) Project 3049

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Speakout against grizzly delisting

Object to and oppose extending cattle grazing

in the Upper Green

Your Page clearly stated all Objections emailed by the 8th of January 2018.

Pinedale Ranger District
29 East Fremont Lake Rd. P.O. Box 220, Pinedale, WY, 82941
[email protected]

David Booth and Objection Reviewing Officer:

Dear Sirs, This is a formal request to add me to list of concerned Citizens who are to be contacted with regard to the scoping of such projects as the Upper Green Grazing Project.

Please put me on your list of citizens to inform of any and all other NEPA projects now and future considered in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Protect The Wolves™ Sanctuary A Native American 501c3

Patricia Herman President

Roger Dobson Director



Further  We would like our comment filed and considered in this FEIS process, it was emailed on the 8th per your page.

The National Forest while managed by the Department of Agriculture is forest management in the public trust for all Wyoming Citizens, US Forest Service comes under the aspect of All Peoples, Native American as well as the entire Public of the USA.. I object to a few wealthy landowners, Ranchers and politicians controlling the riparian areas of the upper green.

We have friends and Volunteers that have ridden horseback through the cattle allotments in the Upper Green on numerous occasions, it is beyond disturbing to observe and not fun. The cattle are very aggressive. They have charged our friends horses, They are all over the willows in the river bottom, where a cow and calf moose of which we have far too few cannot compete. I am also commenting on the pollution factor of the water. There is currently case law that establishes Water Protection in Riparian Areas, Case Law already establishes that it need not even be within Reservation Boundaries. Cattle deposit excrement as well as Urine in the water systems which makes it unfit for human consumption as well as spreads disease to other Animals. in riparian areas. – Livestock tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time in and near riparian areas, that cause further degradation, which is not correctable with cattle in those areas. Cattle need to be kept from those Riparian areas to insure that our water quality remains good for all parties involved including wildlife. 

The reality is the cattle are all through the riparian areas at the detriment of the wildlife and really at the detriment of many recreational users of the forest.

We further would like to enter an extremely stern objection to your proposed forage utilization of 60% in uplands and 65% in riparian/meadow areas and all other allotments. This amount of overgrazing leaves nothing present for our Children’s Wildlife Resources. You are thereby creating further problems by allowing this amount of consumption in areas that are feeding areas to Ungulates. If you remove the Ungulates food in the summer, they have nothing to feed on through the winter causing lower lying Ranchers issues when those very same ungulates travel to seek out sustenance, which the creator placed within our National Forests for their own explicit use.

Further it is neither appropriate nor acceptable to allow the use of our forest and make it a cattle first, and other forest users beware, land use. It is Wildlife, Environment and Public use rights first as per the Wyoming Constitution, US Forest Service Grazing Allotments are to be protected for the entire Public which includes all peoples in the USA. These rights are further protected for the Indigenous as well as the Public under the Indian as well as Public Trusts.

I object to the continued cattle grazing in the Upper Green, and also because, the elk reduction in the Bridger Teton National Forest has resulted in a drastic loss of natural food source for Our Sacred Grizzly Bear, Wolves, and other carnivores.

We see that as the National Forest Continues to participate with the WGFD and even with the GTNP in the reduction of our Jackson and other elk herds our carnivores pay a huge price, Humans have no business attempting to manage Mother Natures life forms and using cattle as chum for Predators in the national forest needs to come to a close.

With cattle present, all of our wildlife’s resources depleted at the levels that you are prescribing, the game will be drastically reduced if not gone, which when predators fill the void created by the cattle is their demanded slaughter by Ranchers. The cattle should not be in the forest period. The Old West Mentality that Cattlemen believe they have the right to kill all carnivores essentially on sight and I have read every mortality report of the Grizzly Bear in the upper green 1988 to 2014 and know bear are shot by the ranchers and it does not take a seasoned criminal defense attorney to see that fact.

These cattle operations do not respect the balance of nature required to operate within the the Publics National forests. If the cattle are allowed in the forest the rules to protect the other wildlife must be strict. Limit the cattle use of the riparian, willowed areas, by creating strict buffer zones, require dogs, protecting the cattle on site at all times to deter predators. Require range riders to protect the cattle and to remove all dead cattle immediately so there can be no chumming of predators to the cattle. Cattlemen are not allowed to kill apex predators, Grizzly Bear and wolves, WGFD is required to manage and record these incidents, by regulations still lacking for grizzly bear management at the state level.

For these reasons and additional which would have been detailed had I been included in the scoping as requested previously I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green, (36-CFR 218.7) Project 3049.


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Kathleen Rummel

1 week ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Brian C Jones

1 week ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Elena Latici

1 week ago

I object to and oppose extended cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Nancy Smith

1 week ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green. I am a US Citizen and I think we need to end cattle grazing on public land. Ranchers need to graze their cattle on their own land and not on public lands. If they do not have sufficient land to do this then they need to reduce the amount of cattle they own. I for one am sick and tired of Ranchers grazing on public lands and then calling for our wildlife to be killed. I support our wildlife to live free and without harm on public land and for Ranchers to not be allowed to graze on such lands.


1 week ago

Well, it’s a long way from the Upper Green, but a few days ago, there was a confirmed taking of a calf by some members of the Rogue Pack in southern Oregon.
I checked and it was downstream on private grazing land west of their usual summer range on public lands. The Cascades snowpack is thick and heavy most years, and we can only expect wolves to descend in winter, just like all the elk and deer.

The problem of private use and usurpation of remaining public and natural landscapes appears to be increasing, with those doing so increasingly released from their liability and damage to the natural community of life and to the human social community for their violence actions toward both.
The law, as stated by Protect the Wolves in the above letter, exists to protect the US public and all other life dependent upon natural native wild lands from the violent exploitation and unwarranted occupation for their private profit.
The problem is the siding of politicians, agency appointeees, and too much of the citizenry, AGAINST any protective law and regulation of their activities. I believe that even the philosophies of the present culture affirm tat humans be stewards – that is, servants to – the earth and nature, rather than despots
Here is a definition of the latter:
a : a ruler with absolute power and authority.
b : one exercising power tyrannically : a person exercising absolute power in a brutal or oppressive way
We all feel deep gratitude for Patricia and Roger working all over the vast west on behalf of the Wolf and for their efforts in bringing together those who recognize that we humans must relearn greater respect for the integrity of the other lives who live dependent upon the community of nature.

I had not recently received any email updates from Protect the Wolves, and DO wish to remain on their email list. Thank you again!

Evelyn peterson

1 week ago

This is wrong

Richard Amerine

7 days ago

Why does the state of Wyoming insist on eradicating your iconic beings like the wild horse, wolves and Grizzly Bears and put undo pressure on the ungulates —this is what people from all over the world and this country want to see with your beautiful mountains , etc. But now , I know that the people who own your state , hunters and ranchers, are replacing all of it with Cattle and Gas Wells. I strongly object to more grazing allotments in the Upper Greene—I am objecting because I have been to your state —but will not waste a dime of my hard earned money again because I can not stand the thought of driving down one of your lovely highways and seeing nothing but cattle and fracking wells. You will regret the day of you turning your state into a big trophy hunting ranch , cattle infested , fracked hell.

Debbie Humphries

7 days ago

I object hugely to cattle grazing in the Upper Green. We must put our wildlife first…not environment destroying cattle!

Stacey Smith

7 days ago

These Welfare Ranchers have taken enough Public Lands!
Enough of Our Wolves, Grizzlies, Bison, Wild Horses and Burros have been Murdered in the name of $$$$.

Patricia Vineski

7 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Zara Tenore

7 days ago

Its past time ranchers left the public land to the public, and used their own private land for their cattle. If they are unable to do so, then they shouldn’t have cattle. I’d rather skip the beef than see the wilderness destroyed.

Katrina Yurenka

7 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Laurie Tabor

6 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Daniel Zeiger

6 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing on the Upper Green.


6 days ago

I say “NO” to leasing public lands for grazing of domestic animals. The government should cut needless spending instead of depending on money from ranchers. Leave public lands to wildlife.

Susana Colin

6 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Judith Sifers

6 days ago

I object and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green.

sandra Inselman

6 days ago

cattle ranching is protected by the government,,,,,,,horses are not,,,,,,,,,,,it is OUR PUBLIC lands

Laura Klutey

6 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Dianne Gobrick

5 days ago

Leave room for wildlife. Enough cattle grazing

Jane Nims

5 days ago

I oppose extended cattle grazing in the upper green.

Jacqueline Swaden

5 days ago

I object and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green

Barbara Adams Jackson

5 days ago

I object to and oppose extending any more cattle grazing on the Upper Green

Mary rivas

5 days ago

Public lands, national Forests and parks belong to all Americans. They are not just for a few who wish to make monetary gains from them. Theodore Roosevelt and others had the wisdom and foresight to see that we need our forests and parks. They are important for the balance of nature and for the mental health of all Americans. Studies have shown it is very beneficial for people to spend time outdoors to relieve stress and cope with life.

Christine Kuntz

5 days ago

We absolutely need our wolves 🐺 to help substation all our ecosystems now!!! Educated scientists did a documentary in Yellowstone National Park that literally recovered the park. Stop 🛑 messing with Mother Nature and gods creations!!!

Sally Moos

4 days ago

It’s definitely well past time for rethinking the effect of allowing non native species into extremely vital areas for our native wildlife.
I’m aposed for having government land that belongs to every single citizens of the U.S. turned over for non- native species such as the beef industry ranchers, and other ranchers for expanding their feeding ranges upon land needed for our important native wildlife.
This land is not for exploiting for any individual or cooperation.
Real Americans want America to remain in its natural state, not sold off and abuse for personal gains.
It’s not right for native species to be slaughtered for another non native species, it’s wrong for the killing of predator species that will do the job of keeping species in balance without human intervention.

Lael Bradshaw

3 days ago

I object to and oppose extending cattle grazing in the Upper Green.

Protect The Wolves

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