Oregon Has Killed Two Harl Butte Pack Wolves

//Oregon Has Killed Two Harl Butte Pack Wolves

Oregon Has Killed Two Harl Butte Pack Wolves

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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has moved forward with kill orders from Wallowa County ranchers. According to Michelle Dennehy, wildlife communications coordinator for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, two uncollared adult wolves were killed by department staff — one Sunday and one Tuesday, on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest east of Joseph.

This is heartbreaking news because it is believed that pack may have 4-month-old weaned pups. Wolves do not travel much during the summer months. They will stay close to the den site so the adult wolves can hunt and bring back food for the pups making it more likely to have run-ins with ranchers and livestock.

We know who is to blame for all of this and it is certainly not the wolves.

“If ODFW kills these wolves, it will demonstrate that Oregon has a failed wildlife agency and a broken wolf management plan,” said Oregon Wild Executive Director Sean Stevens.  “It’s clear now that Governor Brown needs to step in and reform this failing agency so that the public can trust that its wildlife is being protected.”

It is time for change and the way we make it happen is by getting elected officials that support these decisions OUT! ~A

Source: The Observer, Published Aug. 8, 2017


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