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 23 Wolves lives are now depending on us. All donations are appreciated, large or small.

Please help PROTECT THE WOLVES ® Sanctuary Inc. to relocate 23 Wolves from Idaho to our Proposed California Location We are A Native American Religious 501c3. All Donations are tax deductible,( OUR EIN is : 81-2066103  We can be Verified by Calling the IRS) a copy of our NTEE x99 filing is available on our website.

We want you to all know that all donations to our Fundraiser to relocate 23 Wolves from Idaho to California, as well as speak for our Sacred Wildlife Nationwide are in fact 100% Tax Deductible.

OUR EIN is : 81-2066103  We can be Verified by Calling the IRS 1-877-829-5500.


Help us end wolf slaughter by supporting Protect the Wolves.
Protect The Wolves Today to prevent seeing this tomorrow

2014 was a terrible year for the wolves. In Idaho and Montana alone hundreds of gray wolves were slaughtered and maimed in cruel traps during hunting season. Hunters and trappers have killed over 2500 gray wolves in the lower 48 states since they were removed from the endangered species list in 2011. For over 40 years, the Gray Wolf was a protected species under the Endangered Species Act; but, this protection was removed by legislative rider in 2011.

With what 2016 has brought Us, Wolves are facing imminent extinction. Help us end wolf slaughter by becoming a Member/Supporter with a one-time donation as small as $5.00 or become a steadfast Supporter with a monthly contribution.

Allowing these amazing animals to reside in a safe place that feels like home, where hunters cannot harass them is an amazing gift that we can give the wolves. Please help us provide a home, a sanctuary, for these beautiful creatures.

Protect the wolves is also seeking volunteers with a passion to connect with nature and help make a difference in the lives of rescued animals. We hope to provide a “first job for offenders” program, similar to “Pitbulls and Parolees”, providing the potential employees with work, while also teaching them valuable life skills.

Support Protect the Wolves vision to not only keep these animals safe, but to educate the public on their need! Help us make certain that these amazing animals are available for our children to see, that they retain their important role in the circle of life.



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Chris Damren

10 months ago

Hi Roger this is Chris Damren can you please send me a pledge sheet so I can send you a donation


10 months ago


8 months ago

Please give some information about the new sanctuary:
How free are the wolves to interact with one another, and how large are the areas individually fenced?
If the proposed sanctuary is near Castaic, it is southern California, and quite warm for northern wolves. Is that area the location, or is the area in northern CA, as mentioned, which is more than 500 miles north of that location?
This is an important consideration for any onsite volunteers, as most lowland areas of California south of the very northern counties are quite overcrowded and high-priced, subject to human noises, pollution, absence of species that even captive-born wolves recognize and evaluate.

California has draconian laws concerning captive wolves and wolf hybrids. The eager young Sandpoint wolf would by California law have been executed for the event which caused ID F&G to withdraw licensing.
The Nez Perce’ of Idaho, had in the past supported a group of human-habituated wolves on their territory, and still actively advocate for wolves. Was there any discussion or problems causing decision not to use Nez Perce’ facilities?

Because the wolves of Sand Point were exposed to observers who had misunderstandings about wolves, Idaho F&G closed interactions. This failure to respect and failure of humility is another concern.
Humans are quite fearful, both presuming that other animals are or should be subject to human presence, laws, whims, failures to understand or pay attention to wolf individual manners, eagerness, choices. This often leads those who claim to “love” wolves, to mistakenly believe that their own selves have more dominant needs, such as protection from the actions of wolves to which they expose themselves, through laws favoring humans. Would the new shelter try and bend the wolves lives to interactions with strangers?

If the wolves were born captive, habituated to humans, they are sometimes less inclined to find freedom, although they naturally desire and assume autonomy, and most often disperse to gain autonomy in what might be called their teenage and early adult years.
While I am here to find clear policies and living conditions of the sanctuary wolves, so that I may assess the sanctuary’s care, policies, and consideration for those wolves t choose support or avoidance, I feel that these policies and living conditions must be the primary goal , undiluted by utilitarian concerns .
I give support to several wolf protection organization, and at present one sanctuary, which is also a breeder of captive Mexican Wolves with the express intent of maintaining a healthy diversity in that subspecies, through future habituation and release into their wild home habitats.
It does not matter that PtW is not licensed for such purposes, as every individual life with his or her unique outlook and interaction with the world, is the most important basis for support.

If the wolves do seem to be amenable to interactions, are their individual curiosities attended to?
In a wolf family group, all wolves attend to one another daily, and as often as 15 minutes or less, by other family members. Because of their nature, they are often active when humans are not, at night and during early and late hours. Since their lives include greater attention, isolation , even if occurring for as long as years in the case of exploring/dispersing young and sub-adults such as OR-7 , is not theri preference. Yet wolves seem to be courteous and may have learned this courtesy when young. We humans replace courtesy and attention to signals, with schedules, presuming wolves to be as submissively accepting as domestic dogs. How is the proposed sanctuary to be structured timewise?

while these questions may seem intrusive, when we humans take on responsibility for protecting and enriching the life of a wolf who would die without such protection, I’ve found that almost all those who claim to love, protect, and desire to interact with wolves, have an intent to dominate, rather than facilitate and unconditionally love – all that an individual wolf requires, demands – of whoever they admit to intimacy.

These questions are only asked in this spirit.


8 months ago

We have sent you our direct contact information 😉

Susan A.

2 months ago

This sounds like a very ambitious project. What is the timetable? Do you have property and wolf enclosures yet? Are the 23 wolves wild or captive wolves? Why do their lives depend on moving to California?


2 months ago

Because they are unwelcome in Idaho 😉 The Timetable is asap. We have the Location, need to add more enclosures.

Susan A.

2 months ago

Thanks. Still wondering if you are rescuing captive wolves, or taking in wild wolves under threat. Can you post information about the site and pictures of the existing enclosures?

Todd Werner

1 month ago

The wolves deserve a space to roam free without human threat. Once they are gone they can’t be brought back. The wildlife of the national parks belong to all Americans not just the ones who live next door.