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Kendall Hornsby

11 months ago

i love wolves more than anything no man nor woman can end my love for them them and dogs are like my brothers and sisters.

M Makuye

8 months ago

The Wolf is a teacher, of how to be here and aware, of how all things all beings are in constant change, that all that made up whoever lived becomes part of all who live, and again, part of all that will live. The Wolf teaches, as those who understand their traditions, know, the right way to live.

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Because this writer was chosen by a young Wolf, and walked with him in his time a distance equal or more to the distance around the world, I would like to explain why the name I give is only one through which I respond. For many years, humans would come up to us, very often asking of That Wolf, “What is his name?”
I would reply something like:,” Como se llama? – how are you called? The Wolf is not called. He chooses, comes and goes at his own will. He attends, listens, watches, smells whether another has good or ill, injury, youth, age, is of his kind or what other kind and what their place is in the balances and cycles of all beings.”

Who calls you in some traditions identifies themselves by the names they call you. This prevents misunderstanding of another. The Wolf happens to know this, even though [s]he is endlessly curious. They seek to learn and know who calls, why they are calling, and what their relationship may be.
All beings are recognized as individuals by the wolf, and these things also they teach.

Too many knew of the young wolves up around Shasta, the lone mountain, and some humans with ill intent very likely killed and broke their family. A Black female once peered around a bush at the Wolf and me, possibly wondering why he traveled with one of our kind. I looked into her Yellow eyes with welcome. we stepped into a river and crossed.. Only once did we meet her, in late spring when it was important for her to know who was passing.
Wolves must mutually choose, when they choose, as did this Determined One, breaking chains, making his way over 7 foot fences, sure, seeking protection from his “rescuers” who chained and threatened, until his persistence overcame them. He often would come, hide behind me, or move out of sight. His “rescuers” once tempted him with food, but then locked chain to him, closing him within gates and doors. Never again did he accept food or familiarity – this word means like family – from them.
He still escaped somehow, and chose for his life.
We must respect that choice, that importance.
Every day, I understood that he had the right to choose again. It may be this reason, that caused him to choose who he did. What humans do is strange and ephemeral; the way that wolves choose familiar to me.
When with him, my human noise, speech disappeared, and I could learn from his looks, his fast attentions, his movements, shapes silent signals including in what directions we should go. He was often very happy when I understood something. for the first time.
Once two Red Lake rez kids saw us walking in the night, recognizing him immediately . Because different people know the wolf in different ways, It’d be good if they would share their traditional understandings. Although the Chippewa/Ojibwe live two thousand miles from This Wolf’s country, where he most knew and finally slept, becoming all other things,
part of what they know is that once Ma’iingan – Wolf, and Anishinaabe – the human made of the unknowable – once walked together, learning about all things.
The Great Wind itself,, when they were done, told them that they would live apart in the New world, but the fate of one will be the fate of the other.

Your own ancestors, across the world, once also walked in friendship and sharing with those of That Wolf. Among the things he and I heard from all those places, the oldest were of that walking, that friendship, that mutual love and sheltering under the great sky.

The Ojibwe still know the wolf as their Brother, their Sister, their Beloved Relative. I’m glad that you, too, know this.