#StopExtinction social media day of action

/, Protect The Wolves, Stop Extinction/#StopExtinction social media day of action

#StopExtinction social media day of action

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protect the wolves, wolves, wolf







Themed #StopExtinction social media day of action focused on the specific species at risk in the FY2017 anti-ESA riders.   In particular we’re highlighting FY2017 approps riders targeting gray wolves, lesser prairie chicken, and sage grouse.


Each organization, or individual is responsible for tweeting minimum of three (3) tweets on this day of action. Either copy/paste tweet language from here or draft your own incorporating #StopExtinction and Twitter handles of Key Targets (see below).


You’re welcome to include additional hashtags too, but we really want to amplify #StopExtinction on each of these days of action this month.  If you add a second hashtag, please consider using #NoRiders, which is one of the main hashtags being by many progressive groups that are also opposing policy riders on a FY 2017 approps deal.


Wednesday, April 19th







  • Sen. Schumer (NY) [Senate Dem leadership] @SenSchumer
  • Sen. Leahy (VT)  [Lead Dem on Senate Approps Committee] @SenatorLeahy
  • Rep. Hoyer (MA) [House Dem leadership] @WhipHoyer
  • Rep. Lowey (NY) [Lead Dem on House Approps Committee] @NitaLowey
  • *Rep. Frelinghuysen (NJ) [Lead R on House Approps Committee] @USRepRodney



*Activists and in-state partners should also tweet at their own U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators.





  • Anti-wildlife and other controversial policy “riders” don’t belong in spending bills. #StopExtinction #NoRiders


  • An attack on one is an attack on all. Tell your reps to oppose ANY attempt to block Endangered Species Act protections for imperiled species. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


  • Any policy “riders” that block Endangered Species Act protections for specific species undermine the law itself. #StopExtinction  [GRAPHIC]


  • The Endangered Species Act is one of America’s most successful laws. Don’t let Congress undermine it via anti-wildlife “riders.” #StopExtinction #NoRiders [GRAPHIC]


  • The Endangered Species Act WORKS. Tell Congress to oppose attempts to block protections for vital species. #StopExtinction  [GRAPHIC]]



  • Tell your reps to oppose budget “riders” to block protections for endangered species. No law has been more important to #StopExtinction.  [GRAPHIC]


  • Make your voice heard: call your representatives in Congress TODAY & ask them to support the Endangered Species Act & #StopExtinction.  [GRAPHIC]



  • RT to tell your reps to oppose budget “riders” that undermine Endangered Species Act protections for wolves & other species. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


  • Tell Congress: oppose efforts to legislatively block endangered species protections for gray wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


  • Gray wolves were saved from extinction thanks to Endangered Species Act protections. Don’t let Congress undo this success! #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]



  • Tell Congress: oppose controversial budget “riders,” including those to thwart recovery of the imperiled lesser prairie-chicken. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


  • RT to tell your reps to oppose budget “riders” to block Endangered Species Act protections for lesser prairie-chicken. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


Sage grouse:

  • Congress must oppose budget “riders,” including those to block landmark management plans for imperiled greater sage-grouse. #StopExtinction [GRAPHIC]


  • Stakeholder mgmt plans helped the greater sage-grouse avoid a formal listing under the Endangered Species Act. Let’s keep it that way! #StopExtinction


  • Tell Congress: oppose efforts to block critical protections for the greater sage-grouse. #StopExtinction
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  1. Hazel Curtis April 19, 2017 at 6:41 am - Reply

    This killing free for all frenzey , war on nature, namely wolves, ( greys) that are critically ebdangered, and bears and thier yoyng is abhorent , riddiculous and a threat to all life, as we are all part of the chain in the circle of life, and casing a major breakedown of the echosystem . All to appease a rich mans sport and club. not realusing that they are humans at the end of the day also , regardless of being extremely wealthy ones, and mortals never the less despite this. Trophy hunting, trapping,abd shooting of vital key predators , will not only lead to the extinction of wolves and bears, abd other animals in the chain of life but all human and plant life also. This onslaught and war on nature must be stopped now and recovery programes put in place . This is ultimately important for syrvival of our planet.

  2. Lindsay February 7, 2018 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    Please #StopExtinction🐺

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