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Idaho House passes wolf fund bill; reps compare wolves to gangs, ‘cobra snakes’ 

Idaho elected officials must have something in their water that reduces their Brain cells to 2. The House has voted 64-6 in favor of HB 538, legislation from Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, to extend the state Wolf Depredation Control Board, which is charged with contracting to have problem wolves exterminated, for another year. Her bill would continue the board, and the assessments on livestock raisers and sportsmen that help support it, for one more year; it had been scheduled to expire after this year. Gov. Butch Otter had proposed making the board permanent but dropping the amount the state contributes [...]

Suit to stop federal agency wolf killings in Idaho rejected 

USDA FWS Goon Squad killed 56 wolves in Idaho in 2017, all due to attacks on livestock reportedly. Grim said the agency killed 70 wolves in Idaho in 2016 — 50 due to livestock attacks and 20 to relieve pressure on elk herds in northern Idaho. There the Humans go again thinking they can manage or forsee what Mother Nature has planned for her species. Todd Grimm is a USDA Supervisor that allows m-44s to be deployed wherever they want and almost resulted in the Deaths of Canyon and his Father, but did kill their Dog Casey. Grimm needs to [...]

Canyons Law Needs Your Help not for Wildlife Alone but Your Kids and Pets and Rescuers

A Pocatello family is back after their legislative trip to Washington D.C. The family’s dog died after exposure to a cyanide bomb just 300 yards behind their house. It’s been four months since the Mansfield family lost their dog Kasey, and could have lost their son Canyon as well. A usual hike up the mountain turned deadly when the 14-year-old boy triggered an M-44 “Cyanide Bomb” behind their house placed there by the USDA. A week ago the family took a trip to D.C. to get lawmakers to join them in banning compound 1080 and chemicals used in M-44’s also [...]

Money to deter wolf attacks Not wanted it seems by Idaho Ranchers

Protect The Wolves®reposting an old article showing recent individuals that it appears states do want to Slaughter Wolves. Protect The Wolves® has to Laugh when they see people claim that states dont want to Kill Wolves... Idaho Ranchers certainly have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they dont want help with deterrent costs.... Due to lack of interest from ranchers, little has been spent from a $108,000 fund administered by the state of Idaho to prevent wolf depredation on livestock.    Judging by public comments made during the Idaho Fish and Game Commission’s quarterly meeting at the Community Campus in Hailey [...]

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