Idaho fighting order to destroy wilderness wolf, elk data 

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BOISE, Idaho — Idaho officials are challenging a federal court order to destroy information collected from tracking collars placed on elk and wolves obtained illegally by landing a helicopter in a central Idaho wilderness area.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore on Tuesday requested a stay of the judgment in U.S. District Court in Idaho pending the agency’s appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge B. Lynn Winmill ruled in January the U.S. Forest Service broke environmental laws nearly two years ago by authorizing Idaho Fish and Game to put collars on about 60 elk by landing helicopters in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, where engines are prohibited.

Idaho also collared four wolves in an action the Forest Service didn’t authorize. Fish and Game blamed miscommunication with a helicopter crew.

Winmill wrote that it was such an extreme case “the only remedy that will directly address the ongoing harm is an order requiring destruction of the data.”

Specifically, Fish and Game is seeking to stay the court’s order to destroy data and to stay the court’s prohibiting the agency as well as the Forest Service from using that data.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game “agrees that as a condition of such stay, IDFG would not use any live radio collar placed during the January 2016 helicopter project in the Frank Church Wilderness to locate wolves for lethal removal,” the document states.

Source: Idaho fighting order to destroy wilderness wolf, elk data – The Washington Post

New Oregon wolf management plan, which governs killing, delayed after concerns expressed 

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Oregon’s long-awaited update to how the state manages its still-rebounding wolf population will have to wait until February at the earliest.

Fish and Wildlife commissioners decided Friday to push back a scheduled January vote on the five-year governing document for the canid, the first comprehensive update to the wolf plan since 2010.

It wasn’t immediately clear if commissioners would vote on a plan in February, as the agenda already includes an update on the threatened marbled murrelet seabird population.

Wolves were removed from the state’s endangered species list in 2015. The management plan sets rules for how and when wolves can be killed, a hot topic for ranchers in eastern Oregon as the animals continue to rebound after being hunted to near extinction in the 1940s.

Friday’s delay came after more than an hour of testimony from invited panels of environmental groups and hunters and ranchers — where both sides of the bitter fight expressed various concern about the proposed plan.

Environmental groups argued that the plan included inconsistencies about how many confirmed attacks on livestock are needed before an animal can be killed, and opened the door to authorized hunting through a newly created “special permit agent” process where private citizens could carry out approved wolf kills.

Source: New Oregon wolf management plan, which governs killing, delayed after concerns expressed |

Costner Disappoints us playing a Rancher ? Or Will it be pro Wildlife?

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Our Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle People

with your help We can be successful in Protecting your Children’s Resources!

Protect The Wolves™ has to Question why both Kevin Costner and his Publicist Perri Eppie are only mentioning the Boom to the Economy their series has added to Montana.

Yellowstone National Park adds MILLIONS!! Costner claims to have a love for the “REAL” Native Way, and a love for wolves, yet he chooses to play a Rancher?? Why is That, is he shedding light on the problems for our Sacred Species?

We have to ask if he has forgotten the way of the Red Road? Has Costner forgotten what he claimed to have loved, the Wolves, the way of the “People”? Playing a Rancher Kevin is not the way of the People! Perhaps had you or Perri even mentioned the Benefit of the Real Yellowstone in your article and the boost of millions it brings to Local Economies Surrounding Yellowstone National Park our disapproval would not be so Great! But We are concerned, have you Kevin have forgotten what you claimed was dear to you ?

We have been fighting to Protect our Sacred Species for a very long time which now includes fighting for a Sacred Resource Protection Zone surrounding National Parks,

DARBY — Actor Kevin Costner welcomed Gov. Steve Bullock Wednesday to the set of the new cable TV series “Yellowstone,” much of which is being shot at the Chief Joseph Ranch.

In the main living room of the lodge, decorated for the set with historic Navajo rugs hanging from the balconies and Remington bronzes on the tables, Costner and Bullock, along with writer/director Taylor Sheridan, discussed the pros and cons of filming in Montana.

Costner, looking relaxed in blue jeans and a dark sweater, said filming “Dances with Wolves” in South Dakota and “Field of Dreams” in Iowa changed the way those states are perceived. He called the new series “a postcard for Montana.”

“What a cool state to be the governor,” Costner said. “If something like ‘Yellowstone’ has a way of highlighting, being somewhat of a dramatic love letter to your state, we’ll be successful. The writing for it is superior.”

“But how’s the acting?” Bullock replied with a grin.

“Well, I’m being sent home right now,” Costner joked. “Actually, my community is on fire. But I do think something like ‘Yellowstone’ can change people, making it so they want to go here.”

Costner has a home outside of Santa Barbara, California, where the Thomas fire has charred more than 96,000 acres and two new fires broke out on Thursday.

Joking aside, both Costner and Sheridan noted the economic boost “Yellowstone” is bringing to the Bitterroot Valley as well as Montana overall. The Montana Department of Commerce estimates the production has paid about $100,000 in labor, plus another $1.45 million for lodging, supplies, props, location fees and other expenses — including $25,000 for filming scenes in the Capitol.

“We spent $500,000 on hotels and car rentals,” said Perri Eppie, the publicity coordinator for “Yellowstone.” “We’ve even stolen a few of your people and brought them to Utah,” where some interior shots are being filmed.

They’ve hired at least 63 people as drivers, technicians and production assistants, and an untold number of laborers to build fences, redo the corrals and arenas, and become extras for filming.

One company they hired was Rocky Mountain Homes in Hamilton, to add a front porch to the 100-year-old log home with river rock accents, because Sheridan decided he wanted the main entrance to be on the north side of the house. The company had to dig a large trench 6 feet down for the foundation, then build the deck.

“We asked them how long they thought it would take, and they said four months when I first asked,” said Ruth DeJong, the production designer. “I said ‘That’s not how we operate’ and they had it done in nine days. They were amazing.”

On Thursday, the grounds were buzzing with activity as Eppie took members of the press and state officials on a tour of the filming site. ATVs ferried people and equipment around, while riders put horses through their paces.

According to a press release, “Yellowstone” chronicles the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (played by Costner) who controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States.

“Amid shifting alliances, open wounds, and hard-earned respect, the ranch is in constant conflict with those it borders —an expanding town, an Indian reservation, and America’s first national park. Far from media scrutiny, it’s a violent world of poisoned drinking water and unsolved murders. Yellowstone is an intense study of the modern West rife with land developers, energy speculators, assorted politicians, estranged family, and tribal players. Within this pentagon of interests, land lust is insatiable and love is weaponized.”

“We had a real bear chasing some characters — they ended up roping him,” Eppie said. “We also had six wolves out here” as part of the show.

Sheridan, who is a Wyoming native and perhaps best known for the recently released movie “Wind River, said he came up with the idea for “Yellowstone” and started writing it in Livingston in 2013. DeJong was looking for a site to shoot it in the Paradise Valley when she stumbled upon the Chief Joseph Ranch.

“I wrote a show where I wanted to be, and that wasn’t in California, but in Montana,” Sheridan said. “So I came up with a storyline I thought was relevant.

“I could have shot this anywhere else, but I couldn’t find this anywhere else. … I decided to make a financial sacrifice to come here.”

The solitude and scenery was part of that incentive, but the lack of tax credits provided in other states, as well as the remoteness of the location, was a challenge. Sheridan said he’s willing to testify before the Montana Legislature about the power of tax incentives for filmmakers.

“I took a funding hit to come to the state for this, so anything I can do to sweeten the pot would be great. But you’re stuck with me now,” Sheridan said, grinning. “But for the next one, and the next one …”

“Yellowstone” will air on the Paramount Network, which will replace the cable channel Spike in January. The show, which has filmed off and on in Darby, Helena, the Crow Reservation and Utah since August, will return to the Bitterroot in March to shoot some final scenes before airing this summer.

Depending on reactions to the show, they just might be back for a second season.

“It’s special to be here and do what we do,” DeJong said.

Source: Costner hosts Bullock on the set of ‘Yellowstone’ | State & Regional |

Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle

protect the wolves, sacred resource protection zone

 Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle!

We have the Attorneys, We Have the Research to begin putting 1 state in Court Each month when 57,000 Followers become paid Members. TOGETHER We can bring this Miracle to Reality for Our Wildlife Today.

Yellowstone Wildlife need our Proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone, State Wildlife Managers like Martorello and Brown need to get removed from their positions based on their pandering to the Old West Mentality and refusing to Ignore Science as their Mission clearly states.

As One Voice, We CAN PUT 1 STATE IN COURT EACH MONTH! Our Attorneys  are Ready to start letting the arrows fly. Join Us Today before it is too late tomorrow.

The situation with our wolves is grave, the killing by poachers is escalating to an alarming rate, if we do not join as 1 Voice to stop this there will be no more wolf advocate pages because there will be nothing left to fight for!

Unfortunately it takes money and if you can afford just $5 to donate towards funding for lawyers fees we might just stand a chance! I know times are hard right now trust me and $5 can feed you for one day, I am not asking anyone to put a hardship on themselves, I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on any of you, I don’t work that way. But if everyone one on here can just scrap up $5 then we can come to the table with a lawyer! This fight can not be one without one.

I know the holidays are approaching and families will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and this is a lot to ask of you all at this time but know this we can’t do it without your help!

They have the money they have the star power behind them and yet what are they doing? Yeah zip and as I type this a poacher has his rifle aimed at yet another wolf!!

Please find it in your hearts to help, help us stop this slaughter!
Thank you.
~Patricia 🐺

Protect The Wolves

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