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Oregon Wolf compensation bill clears initial hurdle

  Protect The Wolves™ has to question how it is even possible for a prudent individual to agree with this. Look who its being sent to now.... the Agriculture Committee. Under House Bill 4106, Oregon lawmakers would be required to appropriate money to the state’s wolf compensation fund based on the population of the species. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters opposes HB 4106 because it would confirm the “falsehood” that rising wolf populations will necessarily result in more livestock kills, said Paige Spence, the group’s Oregon conservation network director. “Predation rates have not increased with Oregon’s increased wolf population,” [...]

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Llama killed by wolf could have easily been prevented

On  Jan. 30 on a llama was found dead by owner, retired rancher Howard Cantrell on private land in rural Union County, Oregon. Bite marks were consistent with wolf predation. Cantrell said they have been coming in from different directions every night. He says the previous night there had been a chase. We are trying to understand why there were no deterrents being used. We also do not understand why he would leave them out all night. Why not put them in a little barn at night? It doesn't have to be anything fancy and there are only 14 llamas.  I would be [...]

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ODFW Needs to Outlaw Trapping

Clearly ODFW after catching Endangered species in Traps need to OUTLAW Trapping. Traps are not capable of determining if an animal is on the Endangered Species list, which in and of itself should be enough to get trapping banned. Elgin Man Charged For Unlawful Taking Of Wolf And Unlawful Trapping - Union County - 01/31/18 On December 18, 2017, an Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Trooper was inspecting a trap line near Elgin, OR, when he located a deceased wolf adjacent to one of the foothold traps. Upon inspection, it was determined that the wolf had more than likely been shot [...]

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Study paid for by Beef Council, tries to gain credibility

Bob did a good Job at ridiculing the study, but could use some assistance, so we volunteered to educate the Public. You forgot to mention just how biased the whole “20” minute Results were being paid for by the Oregon Beef Council... to go along with how much Ranchers Love their Cows.... sure do.... all the way to the bank with no remorse on methods of slaughter.   Ranchers Should be prohibited from owning any more livestock than their own land will support on its Own. That means no imported feed btw. Being the single largest source of destruction to [...]