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Washington House committee OKs bill to move wolves – Washington 

  OLYMPIA — Legislation directing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to move wolves from east to west passed the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Feb. 1. The bill, sponsored by northeast Washington Rep. Joel Kretz, was supported by urban lawmakers, but was opposed by Western Washington legislators whose rural districts would be candidates for receiving wolves. “This is a difficult one for me. I may be a lone wolf on this one and be a ‘no’ vote. I understand why the bill is needed. and I think it’s going to pass here today, and so let’s call [...]

Conservationist Response to Custer Gallatin National Forest Wilderness Recommendations 

  We need to let the USFS hear from Us all. Please send your emails to the email listed below. Click the picture to be taken to all information. USFS needs to also consider  the value of tourism that Yellowstone brings to Montana. This area borders Yellowstone, and Our Proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone needs to be seriously considered. Montana Game and Fish has not even bothered to respond yet. Conservationist Response to Custer Gallatin National Forest Wilderness Recommendations by GEORGE WUERTHNER on FEBRUARY 1, 2018 The Custer Gallatin National Forest a key part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. And is revising its Forest [...]

What Do you see that could be improved in this Fladery Picture?

After watching Our Boys analyze their own fence.   This image came from our NE Washington Volunteer Huckleberry picker from the Smackout Meadows. Please note: this fladery did not even appear until long after the first depredation even with WDFW claiming it was present before the depredation even as it appeared in their updates. How Do We know this? Our Volunteer was in the area every other day. Needless to say, the fladery was nowhere to be seen until long after the first Depredation. On to the room for improvement. After watching Our Boys, We have come up with 3 [...]

Wisconsin Fails to Consult Tribes

  Wisconsin Law Makers need to get a huge Wake Up Call. They need to learn that 1 they can not ignore Federal Law, 2 they can not choose not to prosecute those that Poach. 3 they need to get called out for discriminating against Native American Religious Rights!   “The Wisconsin legislators who sponsored this bill have embarrassed the citizens of Wisconsin to the world.” ~ Bob Boucher, citizen who testified against bill Rep. Joel Kleefisch, chair of the state Assembly's Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, held a hearing Jan. 10 on AB712, a bill sponsored by Rep. [...]