Unfriendly Rancher Giving Good Ranchers a Bad Name!

///Unfriendly Rancher Giving Good Ranchers a Bad Name!

Unfriendly Rancher Giving Good Ranchers a Bad Name!

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Elk Calf Caught in Fence in Jackson Wyoming. Another example will be seen if Commissioners refuse to do what is right. They will be publicly shamed.

Dear Teton County Commissioners

Please click on the Creator’s Studio to view the calf elk stuck in the wildlife impermeable fence on Queens Lane on November 18, 2017. Unfortunately the video that depicts the calf with her/his hind leg trapped and elevated on the top wire is very short. You can experience the image without a lot of the graphics. I did not have that luxury and I have many more images of this sad and outraging event, including the game warden finally cutting the baby elk down. We are not allowed to open gates or cut wires to assist the elk. That is all part of the total agricultural exemptions. Ranchers get to do whatever they want at any cost. Know your creation.

I hope you have a chance to view this footage before tomorrow afternoon when you contemplate the appropriate policy for wildlife friendly fencing and agricultural exemptions. This is hell. You have a lot of concern for property rights and wildlife or so you espoused today. I was shocked at what I witnessed this morning. That will be the topic of official comment. For now as you contemplate the agricultural exemptions on fencing for only 35 acres instead of 70 acres, doubling this kind of trouble, be mindful of what this is all about. If it is about protecting our natural resources and wildlife the agricultural exemption is absurd, doubling the trouble is a sin and the mere contemplation is a shame. Thank you.
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