WDFW Uses Collars to SLAUGHTER wolves from the Sky

//WDFW Uses Collars to SLAUGHTER wolves from the Sky

WDFW Uses Collars to SLAUGHTER wolves from the Sky

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In Our Phone Conversation with The Colville Tribe Friday the 27th They confirmed with us they disapproved with the entire Lethal Action against the Profanity Peak Pack.  We feel our Communication has been great with the Colville tribe. Cody said Issues are bound to arise when wolves go off or back on Tribal land,  the Colville tribe told us theyve always been open to sharing data, regardless of whether the wolf is on or off reservation land. The Tribes concern arises if that collar data is used for wolf removal as a result of a depredation. The Colville Tribe does not, at this time, support this lethal removal.

“To take out the Profanity Peak pack, WDFW officials began Aug. 5, against the Colville Tribes View used signals from two collared wolves in the pack to track and shoot wolves from the air by helicopter. Department staff also have set traps for the wolves, and pursued them on the ground. The work became increasingly difficult in the second week, when the wolves withdrew to a heavily timbered area of the Kettle River Range, according to the WDFW’s news release on its ongoing effort to exterminate the pack.”

I am wondering why if WDFW knew that the Colville Tribe is against using Collars in their Helicopter Slaughterfest… why they ignored the Tribes Reccomendation

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