Wolves killed by Trophy Hunters statistics

Wolves killed by Trophy Hunters statistics

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protect the wolves

Sadly, trophy hunting of wolves continues in Idaho,Montana, and again Wyoming. Wolves in these states were delisted through Congressional action in 2011. The fight is not over. Every day The Protect The Wolves works hard to speak out for wolves from being unjustly persecuted throughout  the World whether by individuals, states, or even USDA Wildlife Services. A 2016 study by Kelly George, Jeremy Bruskotter, and others shows that the majority—more than 60 percent—of Americans value wolves and want them protected, not harmed.

Please Help Us today to put the Indian and Public Trusts to work protecting our Sacred Species as our forefathers had intended.


Updated: 09/28/2017 below here

1 Idaho’s 2016-2017 wolf hunting/trapping season is year-round (July 1 – June 31) on private lands and different seasons depending on zones. It even permits killing mother wolves at the den with pups. https://idfg.idaho.gov/sites/default/files/seasons-rules-big-gamewolf_2015-2016.pdf

2 Montana’s 2016-2017 wolf hunting/trapping season is September 3 – February 28 http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/planahunt/huntingGuides/wolf/default.html

3 Wyomings 2017-2018 Wolf Slaughter Season Runs Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 in most hunt areas in northwest Wyoming https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Hunting/Hunting-Guide/Wolf-Hunting

Statistics by HSUS:

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  1. mm September 29, 2017 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    Montana’s “zones” 313 and 316 border Yellowstone, and have been the site of the losses of Yellowstone wolves, who step out of the Park’s safety to get access to prey migrating in cold season.
    Wolf Management Unit 310 which should also be permanently closed to wolf hunting, is the area northwest of the Park vitally connecting YNP wolves to other populations. This killing ground s not been recorded as being passed by any wolves.
    Wolf Management Unit (“zone”) 110 is up in th e Flathead Valley abutting Glacier National Park, and hunting there having been the cause of loss to that Park’s wolves, should also be completely closed to wolf killing.

    FWP Commission has refused to close these areas to hunting because they, along with powerful hunting lobby, regard complete closure as capitulation leading to a “slippery slope” of more closures. Thus, supposedly protected wolves in two National Parks (Glacier Park ungulates pretty much completely leave the high country of that Park in winter. Wolves MUST follow or starve, and the Park habitat is much smaller anyway, than is Yellowstone, supporting few family packs) are practically yearly suffering loss of important pack members.
    There is a continuing movement in Canada to protect the wildlife in the Northern Flathead Valley, worth your attention.

    Twowolves/Protect the Wolves – please, if possible create a webpage dedicated to membership, to get a large membership roll and more donation to influence Conservation litigation organizations to work with you.
    Please post news on the Modoc or Lassen county sanctuary ranch development, when you can. That area is more viable than the heat of the Castaic area.

    thank you.

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