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Let’s Ditch the ‘Big, Bad Wolf’ Cliché 

This is a must read Wolves and their canine descendants are among our oldest animal partners, and yet we continue to hunt and kill them out of irrational fears that blind us to their many benefits. The story of a wolf suckling the abandoned brothers Romulus and Remus at the creation of Rome may be allegorical, but wolves did forever change the human story. Their domestication stands alongside language, fire, and plant cultivation as one of the major innovations that most altered the fortunes of humanity. “It’s hard to see how early herders would have moved and protected and guarded [...]

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It’s far past time for Alaska to protect Denali wolves with a buffer zone 

One of the two remaining East Fork wolves of Denali National Park was shot this past weekend by a trophy hunter at a bear baiting station just outside park boundaries. If this sounds eerily familiar, that's because it is. This is just what happened exactly one year ago, when the pregnant female of the East Fork group was shot by an Outside trophy hunter at a bear baiting station in the same area. The loss of that one pregnant female wolf in 2015 led to the disintegration of the entire East Fork group, also called the Toklats, from 15 wolves [...]

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Denali wolf killed in “no wolf kill buffer zone” 

Another Denali wolf has been killed outside the National Park’s boundary. It’s the latest of several park based animals harvested in recent years on state land along the park’s northeastern edge.  The kill occurred in an area long sought for protection by wolf advocates. Denali National Park Science and Resources team leader Dave Schirokauer said a Denali wolf was observed May 7th from the air at a hunting camp on state land in the Stampede Road area where wolf hunting is permitted. “During one of our routine wildlife tracking flights, we observed the male East Fork wolf, which is the [...]

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New Mexico’s baby wolf swap worked. Why won’t state officials get on board? 

The eyes of the conservation world were on New Mexico recently as biologists placed two endangered Mexican wolf pups – so young that their eyes were still closed – into a litter of wild wolves, deep in the Gila National Forest.It was the end of a remarkable journey that began hundreds of miles away at the Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis, Missouri, where the pups had been born nine days earlier. The animals were chosen for their unique genetic makeup, and the hope was that they would be accepted and raised by their new family, eventually producing offspring of [...]

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