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Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack

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A little more Information for those who are curious about the “Druid” pack. It is good to hear that 778M is still alive and roaming!! During November 2008, 6 males from the former Druid Peak pack and 4 females from the former Agate Creek pack joined to form the Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack. Wolves 693F and 302M were the original …

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Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center 

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Here is another example of why we need to stop collaring wolves!!! The shooter has no way to determine if the Dart will hit an artery!! Are endangered Wolves lives worth a chance? We would compare that question to are your Childrens lives worth a chance!! NESPELEM—Perhaps the most valuable gray wolf to set foot on the Colville Reservation since …