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Good morning everyone, I’m one of the volunteers for Protect the Wolves™. Because of the seriousness of the Appropriations Bill H.R 3354, that is loaded with toxic Riders it’s IMPORTANT everyone send an email to our  Senate Minority Leader, Senator Charles Schumer D-NY, to stress to him that HR3354 holds riders that must NOT pass! HR3354 will be devastating to wolves …

Common sense aligns with clearheaded science

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States such a Wisconsin must stop denying all the scientific data that supports the fact that lethal management backfires. There are a growing number of scientific reports that support this.  Now there is a newly published study by Dr. Adrian Treves and Francisco J. Santiago-Avila at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Ari Cornman, a biologist with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians …

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WDFW director resigns to pursue other personal and professional goals | WDFW News Release

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Now We need to work on Inslee to get the correct Individual in the position to rein in Martorello, and his WAG board of special Interest Groups! Unsworth in his 3 years as Director has allowed WDFW to go against their Own policies. Unsworth certainly did not insure that they met the Publics needs for 1 thing, Has refused to …