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Alaska Gov. Walker needs to stop the wolf SLAUGHTER. Each Wolf costs Alaska Taxpayers $37,384

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FAIRBANKS — Most Alaskans want to believe their state wildlife agencies — the Board of Game and Alaska Department of Fish and Game — care about the well-being of all Alaska’s iconic wildlife. I also think most Alaskans at least hope that the game board and Fish and Game care about the opinions of all Alaskans. Unfortunately, the goodwill that is so …

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Endangered U.S. wolf denied new habitat, as critics charge that politics trumped science 

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USFWS has let not only wolves down, but also people that see them as the keystone species that they are. USFWS needs to be brought to Court Today! Help Us to do just that by becoming a paid member. We have the Research, We have the Voice that no Large group will ever have. We need you to help us …

Martorello Thinks more reports will ok his slaughters?

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Smackout Wolf Pack: 2017 lethal removal action Published September 21, 2017; Revised September 26, 2017 Martorello Thinks more papers will ok his slaughters? He is so far illegal it is not even laughable. He has refused to involve IWC for over 2 years now. Refused to involve the public in his kangaroo court policy, Violated Due Process and the Public’s Constitutional …

Wolves killed by Trophy Hunters statistics

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Sadly, trophy hunting of wolves continues in Idaho,Montana, and again Wyoming. Wolves in these states were delisted through Congressional action in 2011. The fight is not over. Every day The Protect The Wolves works hard to speak out for wolves from being unjustly persecuted throughout  the World whether by individuals, states, or even USDA Wildlife Services. A 2016 study by Kelly …