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Second Senate bill has wolf delisting amendment 

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      Evidently, The President needs a Petition to put a stop to this removal… then needs to outlaw Legislation riders that would never make it on their own merits… Senators like this Republican RON JOHSON need to learn they were elected into office… To do what the public wants… Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Friday said he introduced …

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Ranchers and hunters intent on wiping out wild horses wolves bison |

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  According to this morning’s update from Buffalo Field Campaign Outreach, 120 genetically distinct and valuable bison from the nation’s only continuously free-roaming, wild and migratory herd, have already lost their lives to placate both surrounding ranchers and public-lands ‘welfare’ ranchers. The stated reasons are to stop the possibility of transmitting brucellosis to domestic stock, which fear-mongerers misrepresent as a …

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DNA indicates long-ago Southland wolf was actually a Mexican gray 

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DNA indicates long-ago Southland wolf was actually a Mexican gray   The only wolf ever documented in Southern California may have been a victim of mistaken identity nearly a century ago. The 100-pound male wolf was pursuing a bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert’s rugged Providence Mountains in 1922 when a steel-jaw trap clamped onto one of its legs. Based …