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Bait and switch bites wolf hunting proponents

For once, Michigan Legislators’ maneuvers to advance their agenda and satisfy special interests despite public opposition has backfired on them. In 2014, Michigan voters rejected, by large margins, two proposals that would have legalized wolf hunting in the state. Despite voters’ opposition, the Legislature soon after passed a law allowing the Natural Resources Commission to designate gray wolves as game animals and Gov. Rick Snyder signed it. To reinforce their disdain for voters, the law included a $1 million appropriation that blocked wolf-hunt opponents from taking it back to voters for another referendum. The conniving didn’t end there. First, the [...]

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Alaska’s gray wolves stand out from the pack 

WASILLA — The gray wolf (Canis lupus) of Alaska runs with a bigger pack than its brethren in the lower 48. That’s because it’s got a tougher prey to tangle with, namely, the Alaska moose, an animal that can grow up to nearly 7 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to nearly one and a half tons. Shannon Barber-Meyer, a U.S. Geological Survey wildlife biologist who specializes in research on American gray wolves and white-tailed deer, led a recent study published in the journal Behavior, an animal behavior peer-reviewed publication. Barber-Meyer’s team studied pack size and hunting behaviors [...]

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The Psychology and Thrill of Trophy Hunting: Is it Criminal? from  Psychology Today

“Still, the need to hurt animals that some children feel doesn’t explain why some adults hunt and kill large, and often dangerous, animals that they have no intention of eating. I have searched the psychology literature and, while there’s a lot of conjecture about what it means, the fact that very little research exists to support any assumptions makes reaching an understanding of this behaviour very difficult.”  (Xanthe Mallett, 2015) Kids ask the darndest questions A few years ago a youngster told me a story about a murder in his neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, my hometown. I hadn’t heard about [...]

A response to Senator Baldwin’s wolf comment

The American people have seen their fair share of climate deniers, including politicians who refuse to acknowledge the role of carbon emissions and years of scientific scrutiny and research, which overwhelmingly points to our warming planet causing more frequent and oft-times disastrous weather phenomena. Senator Tammy Baldwin has decided as well to “gut punch” science with her recent Op-Ed in a publication catering to Wisconsin farmers. In it, she begins by representing “facts” in her argument that wolves in Wisconsin should be removed from the Endangered Species List and returned to state management: “Farmers have found livestock injured and killed [...]

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