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Ranchers/Cows or wolves: Which is the real invasive species? 

Slaughtered Profanity Peak Members Credit Dr. Wielgus. Len McIrvrin was responsible for costing Taxpayers $138,000 on the Profanity Peak alone. Wed Sep 27th, 2017 1:30am Which is the real invasive species? For the second time this year, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that it will begin killing more endangered wolves in service of commercial ranching interests in Eastern Washington. Last month it was the Smackout Pack, and now the Sherman Pack has been targeted by WDFW’s gunners. And again, it is the same rancher who carelessly grazes his cattle on our publicly owned Colville [...]

Facts About Mexican Gray Wolves

Mexican Gray Wolf -- the "Lobo" The Mexican Wolf  (Canis lupus baileyi)—the “lobo” is the rarest, southernmost and most genetically distinct sub-species of the Gray Wolf in North America. It is also one of the smallest sub-species, reaching an overall length no greater than 4.5 feet and a height maximum of about 32 inches. They are one of the most endangered mammals in North America. Until recent times, the Mexican Wolf ranged the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts from central Mexico to western Texas, southern New Mexico and central Arizona. By the turn of the century, reduction of natural prey like deer and elk [...]

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USFWS Operating on old Nepa to Slaughter Mexican Gray Wolf confirmed with USFWS Wolf Program Manager

If the Public wants this case in Court, they need to help us Grow our Voice. It is beyond time to begin to right the wrongs against our wildlife. Protect The Wolves™ spoke with USFWS Wolf program manager on 9/25/2017. Asked her had a current NEPA been done prior to issuing slaughter order for "Phoenix". Her response was is they are running on their initial NEPA from 2012, 13 or 2014. Which after consulting with a retired EPA Retired Supervisor, they have informed us that this is not proper protocol, nor is it legal. Had a proper NEPA been done, [...]

Part 3 Building our case Using the Indian Trust

  Protect The Wolves™ spoke, both last night and this morning, with the attorneys who have stepped up to help us. They asked us why it seems to be so difficult to get people to actually get involved. They said if all our followers were supporting us they could file our case as soon as humanly possible. They understand we hold wolves and all living things sacred, and believe people need to learn more about our traditional teachings. Therefore, we will be working with Nikos Pastos, Chief Environmental Officer for Alaska Inter-Tribal Council, along with our staff to organize an educational [...]