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Montana fish and Game Included petition

    Comment Period Ends Today, please get your comments in at Post your comments in Box #2. MFWP Tracking Number:05232017   To request a change to regulations under the authority of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks MFWP We are requesting that this Petition be considered at the next Meeting.             SECTION I:   Person or organization requesting the change Organization: Protect The Wolves™ Pack a Native American Group   Name of primary contact person: Roger Dobson, Director of Media. Patricia Herman, President Address: 27946 Henry Mayo, Castaic CA 91384 Telephone number: 406-219-8690 Email address: [...]

What Do you see that could be improved in this Fladery Picture?

After watching Our Boys analyze their own fence.   This image came from our NE Washington Volunteer Huckleberry picker from the Smackout Meadows. Please note: this fladery did not even appear until long after the first depredation even with WDFW claiming it was present before the depredation even as it appeared in their updates. How Do We know this? Our Volunteer was in the area every other day. Needless to say, the fladery was nowhere to be seen until long after the first Depredation. On to the room for improvement. After watching Our Boys, We have come up with 3 [...]

F4WM–Foundation For Wildlife Management | Appears to be Offering Bounty for Wolves

Protect The Wolves™ is Investigating the Legal aspects in Idaho on this Organization. It appears that they are claiming they are working with IDFG, which should be illegal in itself. We need to let IDFG know we dissapprove of their working with this Organization, then take them to court to get them SHUT DOWN!!! Managing Wolves is Expensive and Hard Work according to these ruthless killers F4WM helps hunters and trappers actively manage wolves by reimbursing them for their operational costs. Trappers easily spend thousands of dollars in fuel, time, and effort while continously checking traps in the backcountry. Without their dedication, wolf populations [...]

First wolf hunting season since 2013 did not produce any surprises  |

First wolf hunting season since 2013 did not produce any surprises according to the Cody Enterprise However, when Trophy Zones exceed Harvest Quota it is 100% unacceptable!! We will be adding to our petition that if they are going to continue to hunt Trophy Zones, to make it a draw only tag, with explicit number according to the quota set in each unit! Join Us to insure Yellowstone and Teon Wolves remain for your Children's Children. Wyoming hunters killed the established limit of 44 wolves during the state’s first gray wolf season since 2013. Ken Mills, Game and Fish’s chief [...]