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Ranchers set to fight back against vegetarian ‘fake meat’

Yooohhooooo Cattle Lobby.... burger doesnt mean beef ;) Go SUCK EGGS. Plant based is much more healthier than the additives that come from lots of Ranches. The Ag Lobby really needs to get checked on this one..... Cattle need to go away, they are the #1 largest cause of Destruction to our Environment!   The cattle ranching group contends that if a product is going to be labeled "beef," it should come from the flesh of cattle. And that means products like veggie burgers and Tofurky won't make the cut. Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are combining plant-based [...]

Blackfeet bison hunt goes bad for well-known Montana Tribal singer 

Jack Gladstone/ Harassed Tribal Hunter by Tribal Game Warden It would appear that Lame Bear, a Blackfeet Tribal Game Warden needs to loose his job. Apparently his authority has given him a swelled opinion of what he is actually capable of doing under Tribal Authority. It is these sorts of Tribal enforcement officers that make Tribes appear in an improper light, as such simply he needs to be replaced to eliminate any chance to harass Gladstone. Not all Tribal hunters obviously agree with the way that the tribes are running this bloodfest and niether does Protect The Wolves™. [...]

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke prompted a mass resignation from his National Park Service Advisory Board

If We all sit idly by, this administration will destroy all that True Americans hold close to their Hearts! For 1 Our National Parks! Please consider Joining Protect The Wolves™ Pack to put a stop to destroying Resources that we are mandated to protect for our children's children. We have the Research, including the Attorneys that are waiting for 57,000 plus people to join the "HOWL". Become part of this movement today and help enable us to stop these money hungry politicians. Our National Parks wildlife further need our proposed "Sacred Resource Protection Zone". That would also be made possible [...]

Washington Cattlemens Association pissed off at Ranchers for getting Grant Money

Washington Cattlemens Association pissed off at Ranchers for getting Grant Money Eyes will be on The Crying Cowboy Arron Scotten. When will they figure out that the best deterrent is keeping their Cows off of the Publics Resources being the National Forest? USFS Grazing Allotment Supervisor Travis Fletcher refused to even acknowledge the Signatures that Protect The Wolves Turned in to close grazing allotments near known Wolf Dens. Travis Fletcher could have stopped alot of last years problems had they closed those allotments. Four ranches and a new nonprofit have been awarded a total of $276,000 in state funds to [...]