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Oregon officials kill 2 more wolves Wensday When will ODFW Learn?

Oregon Wolves need our Research in court ;) If you want to stop things like this then Join us. The Oregon Environmental Attorney groups claim they cant represent Us !! We have to do it on our Own. We have the Research as well as the best Attorneys, The Attorneys need to be paid to get them started. SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon wildlife officials shot and killed two wolves from a helicopter Wednesday in an attempt to reduce killings of cattle by the predators. The killings have reignited a debate between the state, ranchers and environmentalists about how [...]

Listen Live: Today’s Fish & Wildlife Commission Meeting

Listen Live: Today's Fish & Wildlife Commission Meeting The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is meeting today, Thursday, April 19 at FWP Headquarters in Helena. Listen to the live audio stream >> The agenda includes final decisions on the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan, the Statewide Forest Management Plan, all regulatory migratory bird regulations, aquatic invasive species watercraft inspection site leases and a fishing access site acquisition on the Beaverhead River at Selway Bridge. The Commission meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and will be streamed live via video to all FWP regional offices. The meeting will also be audio streamed [...]

Oregon authorizes killing of three more wolves from Pine Creek Pack at the whim of Ranchers

Want to help STOP this? Join Us ‎ Good Morning Everyone, Heres a news flash for you. Ill keep it short and sweet, We have research available that Large Groups do not. How long will we continue to allow Wolves to be killed at the whim of Ranchers? We cant make it happen without your help and support ;) With it, We will be unstoppable ;) ODFW didnt learn anything from their killing that they have now proven that studies are correct that prove it increases depredation, niether have the Ranchers. The Public hasnt yet learned that We have Research available that Large [...]

Imported guard dogs deployed as part of US wolf-sheep study

Personally, We wouldn't put much stock into anything the USDA APHIS Julie Young says after claiming m-44s are selective. If anyone wonders how selective they are, Just ask the Mom of the Boy in Idaho that was almost killed by an M-44. The USDA is again seeking to bring back those poisonous devices.   BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Federal scientists are trying to decide if it’s time to let the big dogs out. Nearly 120 dogs from three large breeds perfected over centuries in Europe and Asia to be gentle around sheep and children but vicious when confronting wolves recently [...]