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Courts should revisit ruling on gray wolf

 Ernst-Ulrich Franzen,  The Only reason that courts need to revisit this ruling for is to place all wolves back on the ESL! As far as I am concerned, riders on must pass legislation should be considered illegal! That's not good news for some farmers and landowners in wolf territory and it may not be such great news for the wolf. The ruling could result in further livestock and other losses due to a growing wolf population and more illegal killings of wolves by angry landowners. Landowners need to keep their tempers in check and authorities need to enforce the protections, but [...]

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Judge’s ruling on wolves defies biology

The Person that wrote this article "Tom Dennis" obviously gets  support from Ranchers! Its sad when money opens ones mouth for those that support him see it! Our animal protection needs to be ann utmost importance! They were here long before narrow minded humans like Tom Dennis were! OUR OPINION: Judge's ruling on wolves defies biology | Grand Forks Herald.

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Rare gray wolf seen at Grand Canyon may be dead!

The federally protected female wolf seen last month near the Grand Canyon may have been shot and killed in southwestern Utah on Sunday, wildlife groups fear. If that's true, the first northern gray wolf seen in northern Arizona in 70 years has been lost. A hunter shot the radio-collared animal over the weekend in the Tushar Mountains outside of Beaver, Utah, according to a release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The mountains are about 200 miles north of the Grand Canyon. The hunter mistook the animal for a coyote, the agency said. Rare gray wolf seen at Grand Canyon may [...]

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