Protect Alberta Wolves

//Protect Alberta Wolves

Cree councillor, wildlife biologist object to Alberta wolf and coyote culls 

Benjamin Badger believes the “four-legged nation”, which includes the wolf and coyote family “clans”, have shared the land with Indigenous People for time immemorial and should not be hunted and killed. A councillor from Kehewin Cree Nation in northern Alberta says he objects to a coyote and wolf reduction incentive program advertised by the local county, as an attack on the "four legged nation." There are 16 municipalities with predator bounty programs in Alberta. St. Paul county introduced its program six years ago in order to reduce the population of coyotes and wolves over the calving season. The bounty offers a payout of [...]

Ontario Bans Coyote Trapping & Hunting in 40 Municipalities

  THE USA should be ashamed of themselves if they fail to follow Ontarios Example! The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has announced a hunting and trapping ban on wolves and coyotes across 40 townships, effective immediately. Said to be a step towards protecting Ontario wolves, specifically the recently re-named Algonquin wolf, hunters and trappers will be banned from hunting or trapping wolves and coyotes in three additional districts: The area of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Anstruther, Burleigh, Cardiff, Cavendish, Chandos, Harvey, and Monmouth; The area of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, which [...]

Chased by wolf pack while out on dogsled, 

Guido Rich was chased into town by a pack of wolves while he was out on dogsled this week. He returned with a gun to hunt the animals down. (Submitted by Sherri Wolfrey) Truth be known, he probably just saw them... He claims he outran them... yeah right... A Labrador man turned from prey to predator this week, when he tracked down and killed a group of wolves that chased him on his dogsled. Guido Rich hunted the four animals — two on Wednesday night, and two more on Thursday morning — after they chased him back into Rigolet. Rich says he [...]

End wolf bounties and poisonings in Alberta, petition urges

An Alberta-based wildlife protection group is calling on the province to make changes to its wolf culling program that it says will make it more humane. Over the past three years, Wolf Matters has been instrumental in collecting around 10,000 signatures on a petition that was presented to the Alberta Legislature in December. The wolf cull is part of the provincial government's strategy to protect the endangered caribou population. Wolves are seen as the main predator of caribou. The petition urges the government to making a number of changes to its wolf management plan, including to: Abolish the use of poisons. Change [...]

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