Budweiser lost puppy ad has wolf lovers howling mad

Budweiser Had No business portraying the wolf as a " BIG BAD WOLF" They need to cancel this advertisement still! To summarize, dogs and horses good, wolves bad. (Sharks? Thanks to Katy Perry, that's another story.) No, the wolf lobby didn't like it. Viewers see horses come to the pup’s rescue as he's being threatened by a menacing wolf who bares its teeth and snarls at the poor, frightened little guy. But then the pup returns home, joy ensues and all is right with the world, allowing us all to sit back and enjoy a cold one. (As if we [...]

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Call Budeweiser , get them to remove their ad or expect this!! Its Taken me awhile to post again, I got reported for spam posting my Opinion on Budweiser's facebook site, so I followed up the report and told them that I did not consider posting my Opinion was in anyway spam.... All I posted was perhaps they should include a drunk driver bit, and they were encouraging Animal Cruelty.....  and posted the link to our website where I put the Article up about Call Budweiser.... 2 Can Play that game..... they cant censor my Website! What a [...]

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