Letter to the Editor: Wolves belong in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation CEO David Allens’s remarks on wolves, “What pro-wolf introduction factions are telling you and what they are not,” are off the mark (Herald, Feb. 13). The trophic cascade effects of wolves and other keystone species like cougars have been convincingly demonstrated in Yellowstone and Zion National Parks. The scientific discussion around trophic cascades involves subtleties like climate change and human interference, not its validity. The latest studies are at   Trophic cascade effects of wolves will definitely benefit intact ecosystems, like federal public lands. The “recovery goals” mentioned were in fact minimums (10 packs per [...]

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Study suggests officials underestimate wolf poaching

By Rebecca Moss The New Mexican In February, an adult male from the Dark Canyon Pack, a Mexican gray wolf troop that roams through the west-central countryside of the Gila National Forest, was found dead. It had stalked an expanse of federal land that borders Catron County, where livestock frequently become prey, with roughly three cows killed each month and regular reports of wolves lurking near chicken coops or alpaca herds. Some residents there condemn the wolves as destructive, expensive and dangerous beasts. And they have a right to shoot one if the animal is directly threatening their property or [...]

RMEF Once said Elk and Deer were Healthier when there were 2 Million Wolves

I get a Kick out of the Press that ammoland is putting out for Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.... They fail to Realize that even on RMEFs own website prior to their becoming a hunter money driven non conservation Organization... with their current leadership.... They once said Elk and Deer Herds were stronger and Healthier when there were 2 million plus wolves in North America....  Ammoland obviously wasnt watching RMEFS website back then were they.... Oh and I forgot to mention they had the Alford Murie Award Yanked from them.... MISSOULA, Mont. -( The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is raising a [...]

Wolves in Colorado ‘not the devil incarnate’ 

Montana State Sen. Mike Phillips has been a part of efforts across the country to restore populations of wolves. He was recently involved in their reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park, and is now launching the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, with a goal of bringing the apex predators back to Colorado. Elizabeth Stewart-Severy sat down with Phillips earlier this month to discuss what wolf recovery in this state could look like. Grey wolves can wander long distances, but they often don’t, according to Phillips, who also co-founded the Turner Endangered Species Fund. “Waiting on natural recolonization (of wolves) to occur is [...]