Protect Wolves in Colorado

//Protect Wolves in Colorado

Colorado Has it Backwards- Terminate Hunting Season for 5 years

Colorado clearly has it Backwards... They Clearly need to terminate Hunting Licenses for 5 years minimum. FORT COLLINS – Colorado wildlife commissioners quashed wide opposition Wednesday and voted unanimously to embark on a controversial predator control experiment to euthanize mountain lions and bears — a $4.5 million effort aimed at reviving the state’s dwindling population of deer. While previous science points to human development and degradation of habitat as the primary problem, commissioners said recent Colorado Parks and Wildlife research persuaded them to test a hypothesis that manipulating the number of bears and lions might help stop deer’s decline. “We’re [...]

ACES hosts discussion of wolves in Western Colorado 

After the American wolf population was decimated to levels nearing extinction, there have been significant efforts in recent decades to help restore populations of both red and grey wolves. A lecture Tuesday looks at the future for wolves in Western Colorado. Mike Phillips is a Montana state senator and the executive director of the Turner Endangered Species Fund. The nonprofit studies how wolves interact with and affect their natural prey, as well impacts the animals have on ranching and hunting operations. He has been involved in government efforts to restore red wolves to the southeastern US and gray wolves to [...]