Wild Wolves Are Bouncing Back From Extinction in Europe – Good News Network

Just two decades ago there were no wolves in Germany, after they were hunted to extinction a century ago. “Wolves were not deliberately reintroduced into the wild in Germany, but returned naturally. They were first spotted 18 years ago, having wandered across the border from Poland,” reports the Telegraph. They have since established a population of some 150 in eastern Germany and another 50 are roaming in western parts of the country. Source: Wild Wolves Are Bouncing Back From Extinction in Europe - Good News Network

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Photographer’s Travel Date With Wolves Is Completely Surreal

Warning: Do not try this at home. (Or at your local German wolf haven.) For most, wolves are best experienced from a safe distance. A belly-full howl from a faraway, shadowy creature provides ample wolf exposure for the majority. But not all. Cleo Goossens is a photographer based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands -- and, so we've gathered, a significant wolf enthusiast. (Her dog is named Wolf and her company, Sun of Wolves.) Recently, Goossens visited eight real, very live wolves in Germany, owned by a Dutch man who lives with them in harmony, along with his wife, son and dingo. [...]

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Luigi Boitani on the Return of the Wolf to Europe

The wolf has returned to Germany and along with it, ages old fears. But these worries are unfounded, argues Italian biologist Luigi Boitani, who has studied the creature's return across Europe. After earning a degree in biology, Luigi Boitani, 69, had intended to devote himself to the study of the Montecristo goat. But then a colleague asked him for his help on a wolf project. That was more than 40 years ago. Since then, he has never lost his fascination for the predator. Boitani, who teaches at the Sapienza University of Rome, has monitored the return of wolves [...]

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