The wolves of Manang

Sep 10, 2016- On September 2, a team of researchers surveying snow leopard signs and conducting a prey count in the upper valley of Khangsar, Manang were not expecting anything out of the ordinary. But at 4:40 pm, on their way back to camp, the team would stumble upon a chance discovery that would reverberate in the valleys below and the world beyond. For the first time in more than four decades, a pack of Himalayan wolves were roaming the remote pastures of Manang. “It happened so quickly,” says biologist Tashi Ghale, a member of the team, “We were able [...]

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Critically Endangered Himalayan ‘Woolly’ Wolf Is In Desperate Need Of Conservation 

The Himalayan wolf is not only critically endangered but may be in dire need of conservation efforts. Scientists have found that this animal may disappear if steps aren't taken now. Did you know that there's a Himalayan wolf? It's an animal that's visibly distinct from its European cousin and may just be the most ancient wolf lineage. But this animal is critically endangered, and now researchers are showing where this wolf can be found and how efforts can be made to help it. The Himalayan wolf is much smaller than the European wolf. It has an unusually long [...]

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Scientists Prove Rare Wolves Still Exist, But They’re In Real Trouble

Scientists believe humans seriously threaten the existence of a rare type of wolf in Nepal. An international research team led by graduate student Madhu Chetri from Norway’s Hedmark University College confirmed that four fecal samples found in Nepal’s Trans-Himalayan region belonged to Himalayan wolves. Anecdotal evidence indicated that these wolves still roamed the mountains of Nepal, India and Tibet. The team, whose work was published last week in the journal ZooKeys, has proven the animals are still around.   Source: Scientists Prove Rare Wolves Still Exist, But They're In Real Trouble

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