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//Protect Idaho Wolves

Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for Lolo Wolf kill locations

Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for the wolf kill locations in the Lolo Unit in Idaho. The way Idaho operates near or even for that matter in Wilderness areas with total disregard for Federal Law, they have proven beyond a doubt that they can not be trusted. In 2017, Idaho slaughtered 26,562 Elk, which tells a prudent Individual that there is not a shortage of Elk in Idaho. We find their reasoning for killing Wolves not based on Science nor Data.   Ten wolves taken in action that's been conducted in six of the last seven years [...]

Idaho tax dollars spent to kill wolves

Idaho Tax Dollars would have been better spent on educating our Children, rather than wasting it to insure Ranchers get to line their pockets.  Even with Wolves not being the top predator as stated by IDFG of Elk, theyd still lead the public to believe that they are... Until they get put on front street with statements they have made in the media.   What has Idaho’s Tax money gotten us? Since 2014, Wildlife Services has killed 136 wolves after livestock deaths, and another 41 wolves from helicopters in the Lolo country to aid elk. During that time, 207 cattle [...]

F4WM–Foundation For Wildlife Management | Appears to be Offering Bounty for Wolves

Protect The Wolves™ is Investigating the Legal aspects in Idaho on this Organization. It appears that they are claiming they are working with IDFG, which should be illegal in itself. We need to let IDFG know we dissapprove of their working with this Organization, then take them to court to get them SHUT DOWN!!! Managing Wolves is Expensive and Hard Work according to these ruthless killers F4WM helps hunters and trappers actively manage wolves by reimbursing them for their operational costs. Trappers easily spend thousands of dollars in fuel, time, and effort while continously checking traps in the backcountry. Without their dedication, wolf populations [...]

Suit to stop federal agency wolf killings in Idaho rejected 

USDA FWS Goon Squad killed 56 wolves in Idaho in 2017, all due to attacks on livestock reportedly. Grim said the agency killed 70 wolves in Idaho in 2016 — 50 due to livestock attacks and 20 to relieve pressure on elk herds in northern Idaho. There the Humans go again thinking they can manage or forsee what Mother Nature has planned for her species. Todd Grimm is a USDA Supervisor that allows m-44s to be deployed wherever they want and almost resulted in the Deaths of Canyon and his Father, but did kill their Dog Casey. Grimm needs to [...]