Helgesen saved 32 of Norway’s wolves

At Least Norways Leaders recognize that wolves are an important part of the Environment Wildlife advocates and environmental organizations finally had something to cheer about  in Norway on Tuesday, after government minister Vidar Helgesen blocked moves to kill off two-thirds of the country’s fledgling wolf population. Helgesen overturned a decision allowing the major wolf hunt, which had sparked criticism around the world. “Thank you, Vidar Helgesen, for saving 32 wolves and taking into account the arguments from all of us who have worked so hard to let the wolf remain a part of Norwegian nature,” said Nina Jensen, head of WWF-Norway. She called Helgesen’s decision “a [...]

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In the company of wolves: animal encounters in Narvik, Norway | Travel 

We have had followers across the Pond ask where to hang out with Wolves... Polar Park looks pretty Darn Cool! After years of persecution, wolves are howling anew across Europe – and in the north of Norway an unusual zoo park is bringing them face-to-face with their nemesis: us Polar Park, a 110-hectare zoo, 70km north of the Norwegian town of Narvik. Polar Park is not like most other zoos: there are very few animals and they live in large enclosures. And they have a programme to accustom wolves to people, sufficient to allow meetings. That is why I am [...]

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Wolf pups on their own in Oslo’s eastern forest

Wolves born last year in Oslo’s eastern forest (Østmarka) must now fend for themselves, after their mother was shot by a hunter and, last week, their father was found sick and dying by school children in Enebakk, southeast of the city. Conservationists were encouraged when a pair of once nearly extinct wolves found their way to Østmarka a few years ago and later began to reproduce. Some have since moved on but the lead male remained, only to be found seriously ill with scabies last week. With half of his fur gone and the animal clearly suffering, wildlife authorities shot the wolf [...]

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Norway landmark ruling sees five jailed over wolf hunting – BBC News

Its Very sad that the USA doesn't follow this example of Prosecuting Illegal hunts . Wolves would stand a chance at least! Five men have been sentenced to prison in Norway for organising an illegal wolf hunt, in the country's first prosecution of such a case. The group's ringleader was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, while four others were ordered to serve between six months and a year. They all denied the charges. Four of the men have appealed the ruling. The landmark case has set Norwegians' hunting rights against the survival of Europe's smallest wolf [...]

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