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An authoritative review of the legal and policy context of wildlife management on federal land

FISH AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT ON FEDERAL LANDS DEBUNKING STATE SUPREMACY M. Nie, C. Barns, J. Haber, J. Joly, K. Pitt & S. Zellmer Published by: Environmental Law, Vol. 47, no. 4 (2017) Wildlife Management: Federal-State Conflicts -National Park Service/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s decision to preempt Alaska’s hunting & predator control regulations -Wolf control in federal wilderness -Lead ammunition & condors on National Forests The Project -To provide an authoritative review of the legal and policy context of wildlife management on federal land -To provide a more common understanding amongst federal and state agencies Scope of Project The Constitution & [...]


WDFW has put in their new lethal protocol without Input from Tribal Groups like we are!! They are blaming the wolves for a ranchers inability to take care of his cattle and keep them safe... Wolves did not break those bones... those bones were the reason these calves were targeted! Martorello  refuses to acknowledge that killing wolves leads only to more depredations.... how long will it take him to realize the error of his ways by refusing to acknowledge science? August 25, 201 Contact: Donny Martorello, (360) 902-2521 Let him know your not happy!!! WDFW plans lethal action to address predation by wolf pack [...]

Colville tribes to open hunt on wolves 

Protect The Wolves™ has been contacted by Colville Tribal Chairman Michael Marchand several times now, asking that they get his message to the People. We will be following this up with a Video Interview with him as well. Being an Organization that is founded on Treating Our Wildlife as Sacred as they should be, with Tribal Members on the Board of Directors he feels that we could possibly help shed light on this situation for him. Michael has told us many more stories like the one he has mentioned below along with the current issues that Our Sacred Wildlife now face. [...]

Washington State Lethal Removal Protocol

Here you will find WDFWs new lethal removal Protocol. Influenced by Rancher Special Interest !! The protocol draws on a diversity of perspectives expressed from nothing more than Special Interest. Which is a Blatant disregard on WDFWs part of the Indian, Public Trusts.... as well as several other Violations such as refusal to grant the BIA a Meeting for one.  Taken from WDFW advisory Group handbook ;) • Recognize that the group must operate openly and transparently.   WDFW's Martorello, and the group facilitator have certainly failed..... One of their Mission Statements claim to use the Best Available Science.... It [...]