Oppose Welfare Ranching

//Oppose Welfare Ranching

Idaho House passes wolf fund bill; reps compare wolves to gangs, ‘cobra snakes’ 

Idaho elected officials must have something in their water that reduces their Brain cells to 2. The House has voted 64-6 in favor of HB 538, legislation from Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, to extend the state Wolf Depredation Control Board, which is charged with contracting to have problem wolves exterminated, for another year. Her bill would continue the board, and the assessments on livestock raisers and sportsmen that help support it, for one more year; it had been scheduled to expire after this year. Gov. Butch Otter had proposed making the board permanent but dropping the amount the state contributes [...]

 USFS  managing the Publics Resources with Rancher Bias not science Nationwide it appears

photo credit Mandy Vorona with Protect The Wolves™ at this WAG meeting It is time to change the way our Children's Childrens resources are managed. We need professionals who will manage our forests using science, not Rancher industry propaganda like Colville USFS Grazing Manager Travis Fletcher.  And people who will manage our forests for all Americans, including our Children;s Children, not just the Rancher or Timber industry, managed for all species, including those dependent on wildfire, beetles, root rot, and other natural ecological processes. Travis Fletcher Grazing Allotment Manager in the Colville USFS Office is but one example [...]

DEMS Do not Vote for Tammy Baldwin/ Amy Klobuchar!

CALL FOR TELEPHONES TWEET STORM!!! These Dems are obviously looking for Votes, Baldwin is up now.... Call your Reps, tell them you will not vote for them if they push delisiting wolves. Republican Sen. Ron Johnson and Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin are political opposites, but have come together on the issue of removing federal protections for the gray wolf. Johnson and Baldwin joined Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) to introduce legislation on Tuesday that would remove protections for the gray wolf in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming under the federal Endangered Species Act . The bill would replace [...]

Rancher Duke Phillips setting myth spreading Ranchers Straight!

Protect The Wolves™ has a message for Myth Spreading Ranchers. Those Ranchers would have you the public believe that Wolves are a threat... We know that their claims are empty, they get targeted much more from Rustlers than wildlife in total it appears. They are it appears using Wolves in order to milk more money out of you the taxpayer. It is time for the cow to stop giving milk. The Government doesn't assist General Contractors for instance, or tshirt businesses, or remodeling businesses. If those businesses can;t make it on their Own they simply change what it is they [...]