Oppose Welfare Ranching

//Oppose Welfare Ranching

Washington State Elected Officials must Demand that McIrvin loose his Grazing Allotments

  Protect The Wolves™ has to question our Elected Officials. It would seem that under the Mandates upon them under the Public Trust.... That they would have to demand that McIvrin loose his Grazing Allotments. Otherwise their failure to do so will make them as Guilty as McIvrin is. What sort of elected official would want that hanging over them? 1   May 18, 2017 James M. Peña, Regional Forester Pacific Northwest Region Forest Service 1220 SW 3rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97204-3440 RE: Review and Rescission of the Forest Service Grazing Permit for Bill McIrvin and the Diamond M Ranch [...]

Oregons Welfare Ranchers will be begging for money for Elk Damage Next

What a Terrible waste of Taxpayer funds to Individuals that clearly do not manage their Livestock Properly after speaking with Ranchers that do so ! Oregon's Welfare Ranchers will be begging for money for Elk Damage Next The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has approved $184,039 in funding distributed to 10 counties as part of the Oregon Wolf Depredation Compensation and Financial Assistance County Block Grant Program, according to a news release. Funds for 2017 have been distributed for actual livestock losses or injuries caused by wolves, for missing livestock above the normal historical levels in areas of known wolf [...]

Washington big game researcher reflects on lifetime with wildlife 

“We looked at the survival between migrants and residents and there was no difference even though winter habitat quality was a little better for residents. Survival was pretty darn high: 85 percent. We did have wolves in part of the study area. But the most common cause of death were cougars and domestic dogs.” Nobody — no hunter, no poacher — has shot more moose in Washington than Woody Myers. His weapon was a rifle. His aim: usually to save the animal’s life rather than kill it. His load, in most cases, was a tranquilizer dart. Myers recently retired, adorned with [...]


Washington, DC — Washington’s largest cattle rancher has been wreaking havoc on gray wolves in violation of his U.S. Forest Service grazing permit and agency wildlife protection policies, according to a complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The group is pressing to rescind or restrict grazing permits on public land within Colville National Forest to reduce wildlife losses. The complaint targets the Diamond M Ranch for its actions on two Forest Service grazing allotments that have resulted in the eradication of nearly 15% of all gray wolves within Washington. This ranch single-handedly accounts for two-thirds of [...]