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Washington States WDFW Wolf count Questionable

  We find it difficult with the amount of wolves slaughtered  by WDFW alone by WDFW  in the last 2 years that their count increased. WDFW claimed they employed an array of non-lethal strategies last year, however with Picture documentation it shoes that ast least 1 of these deterrents were not present it appears as they have claimed, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 March 16, 2018 Contact: Donny Martorello, (360) 902-2521 Ben Maletzke, (509) 592-7324 Bruce Botka, (360) 902-2262 Washington's wolf population increases for 9th straight year OLYMPIA – Washington's wolf population continued [...]

Help Stop Trump’s wildlife protection board thats stuffed with trophy hunters 

Question for you. How Long will you allow our Elected Officials to Ignore Your Protections under the Public Trust before you Join Us to begin to put Conflicts of Interest, Special Interest participating on Advisory Groups to name a few into Court? We have the Research to begin to put a stop to it. We have The ATTORNEYS, the research, the Passion, The Religious Rights, The Trust Research, the only thing missing is 57,500 paid members. Our President has trampled our Environment enough. It is Time we assemble to put a stop to State Agencies, Fish and Game, Advisory Groups. [...]

50 State Table: Conflict of Interest Definitions on Elected Officials

For Wolf Advisory Groups like that in Washington State amongst others. We have the research to begin putting a stop on Special Interest Participation in General as well as Under the Trusts. Members on Washingtons WAG have an Interest, a Financial Interest due to their own businesses, as such are violating Washington States RCWS. The Conflict of Interest is brought forward because they do not perform their position as mandated under the trusts for the General Public, only those that as he has stated have "skin in the game". These members are not only elected officials, but also have a [...]

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Poacher that trapped and shot a wolf in Oregon gets probation and a fine

Where is the justice for this wolf that was illegally trapped and then shot?  Some may remember this case of David Sanders from Elign Oregon who set unmarked traps out and caught a wolf, then shot it in December of 2017.   During the investigation, officials determined the wolf was a 64-pound juvenile female born in April 2017. Because of the location of the animal's death, state wildlife officials believe the wolf was related to a new breeding pair in the Mt. Emily area in Union County.   We have seen a string of illegal killings in Oregon dating back to [...]

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