Protect Wyoming Wolves

//Protect Wyoming Wolves

Have a say on Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Strategic Plan Public Input Forum.

Now is your chance to have a say if you think Wyoming should be killing our essential keystone predators. You do not have to be from Wyoming to comment. Please be respectful, but you can be firm on your stance. Some of the questions Wyoming Fish and Game are asking the public are: What do you see as the most important issues or concerns related specifically to large carnivore/predator management (large carnivores in Wyoming include wolves, grizzly and black bears, and mountain lions)? Why? What direction should the Wyoming Game and Fish Department be going in with regard to hunting? [...]

Conflict between wolves and ranchers touches issues of conservationism and Native American rights- ABC News

Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need a Miracle in 2018, Join Us to make it Happen! A series of legislation and proposed legislation in Western states has advocates of wolf conservation concerned for the future of the animal as well as the country's respect for Native American rights, according to an advocate who spoke to ABC News. "Wolves are our sacred animals," said Roger Dobson, founder of the non-profit religious organization Protect the Wolves, and a member of Washington state's Cowlitz Tribe. "Our creators put wolves on the planet to perform a sacred task. [These laws] encourage people to treat them like vermin." The [...]

Gros Ventre Wolf Poached, Hunter caught even admitted in closed area

Another Possible YELLOWSTONE or TETON WOLF POACHED This is a Prime example of why Wyoming has no business managing their wildlife! They gave a hunter who admitted he was going to wait to check the wolf in because he shot it in a closed area. Hunter was issued a  "bondable" ticket, which in Wyoming means he can pay the ticket and not even be required to appear in Court. Hunter still has his weapons, truck.... Gros Ventre Wolf Poached North Jackson Game Warden Jon Stephens received a tip from a concerned sportsman regarding suspicious activity in the upper Gros Ventre [...]

34 Possible Park Wolves Slaughtered in Wyoming already

Take Back the Power that You as the public hold! Wyoming Over WOLF SLAUGHTER Quota in 3 Zones ! What will it take for the Government to Realize that Wyoming has once again proven they are incapable of managing The Public's Federal Resources? YELLOWSTONE WOLVES ARE DYING At an Alarming Rate!!!! AS OF 11/08/2017 Will Wolves still be available for your Grandchildren to view in Yellowstone? What will you be able to Tell Your Children's Children? Did you Join The Movement Yet?  We asked for your support back in May to Help Yellowstone Wolves with our Sacred Resource Protection Zone…  Wolves [...]