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California Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger People are Worse Predators than Wolves!

This Particular Producer declined help from CDFG. If your going to decline assistance, then dont complain! “With this producer, we made it clear that the wolves were frequenting the site where his cows were,” Traverso said in an email. “We offered the producer non-lethal assistance/tools. The producer declined. One of our employees even volunteered to camp out there to do what he could to dissuade the wolves from using the meadow. Though the producer initially declined that offer, he eventually agreed to it, A wolf has killed a California rancher’s cow for the first time in more than 100 years, [...]

Alert—Written or Oral Comments Needed to CA Fish and Game Commission

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CALIF FISH AND WILDLIFE MEETING ON OCT 11, WED,2017 AT THE MARRIOT SPRINGHILL SUITES, ATASCADERO, CALIF Subject: CA Fish and Game Commission Considers GPS Collars on Dogs to Hunt Mammals A proposed Fish and Game regulation amendment that will allow hound hunters to use GPS collars and treeing switches on dogs to hunt mammals or to train will be discussed at their meeting next week Atascadero (Oct 11, 2017). After over a year of contentious debate, last year the FGC approved an amendment to allow GPS collars and tree switches for hound hunting of mammals and dog training.  Due [...]

Sacramento Bee uses 2 different headlines

  Its a Sad day when the Sacramento Bee uses 2 different headlines.... one for the paper, and a different one for online..... what might their intentions be? Trying to suck up to their readers???? Another wolf pack has been found in rural Northern California, complete with pups. The family is descended from the famous wolf OR7, who roamed the north state for several years after migrating from Oregon. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported Wednesday that its biologists have fitted a tracking collar on a female gray wolf in Lassen County. Officials said they’ve confirmed that the wolf and [...]

CDFW Confirms Presence of Wolf Pack in Lassen County, Collars Adult Wolf 

Not very far from us.... perhaps they will come closer so we can keep a watchfull eye on them! California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) biologists have captured and fitted a tracking collar to a female gray wolf in Lassen County, and confirmed that the wolf and her mate have produced at least three pups this year. During summer and fall 2016, remote trail cameras captured images of two wolves traveling together in Lassen County. There was no evidence they had produced pups at that time. While the female’s origins remain unknown, genetic samples obtained from scat indicated the [...]