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Wolves in Colorado ‘not the devil incarnate’ 

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Montana State Sen. Mike Phillips has been a part of efforts across the country to restore populations of wolves. He was recently involved in their reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park, and is now launching the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, with a goal of bringing the apex predators back to Colorado. Elizabeth Stewart-Severy sat down with Phillips earlier this month to …

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Don’t let Montana Hunters BS you, they continued to beat the year b4 With an 8.2 percent SLAUGHTER increase

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Here is a bit more proof that hunters tell stories about their lack of success With an 8.2 percent SLAUGHTER increase rate increase over hunters with game last year. according to FWP… you cant make this shit up for those on the short bus!! Northwest Montana hunters wrapped up another successful big game season on Sunday. A total of 17,656 hunters had …

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Wolf shot and killed in Helena Valley after posing for their Trophy Smiles 

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Here is a link where the happy cowboys thought it prudent to pose for their Kill shot. Truth be known, This Wolf most likely wasnt even close to Cattle, considering that it was removed from where it was Slaughtered. Strange FWP failed to mention reports of a hunter killing it from the road in their updated story…… FWP first heard reports …

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New Report Lists Gray Wolf Among Top Ten Imperiled Species

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Here is why we ask you to Join Us and why we need your help As the Obama administration prepares to hand over power to President-elect Donald Trump, the Endangered Species Coalition has just released its top 10 list of imperiled species. The advocacy group wants the next administration to take steps to slow the rates of extinction. On the …