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Consider these points about  wolves 

Consider these points about what wolves do Regarding Lee Juillerat’s wolf depredation article: I lived in the Klamath Basin until 2015, still have property there, and know local ranchers, many who feel wolves cause unreasonable concerns and costs for those raising livestock. The losses appear to be entirely on the ranching side even though urbanites continue to eat beef. Also, most wolf supporters never see a wild wolf and don’t live in wolf-inhabited areas. However, there is another story here. First a few facts: 1. At last count, Oregon has over 1 million cattle and about 55,000 die of weather, [...]

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Grizzly bear caught in wolf trap, released ‘without incident’ 

Here is a perfect example of why Trapping needs to be outlawed everywhere. Traps  are inhumane, and trap whatever they can, including pets. Bear-related incidents recorded in the past month by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service: • A grizzly bear caught in a wolf trap near the Palliser River west of Invermere was freed by conservation officers, after the trapper reported the situation. "The adult female grizzly was successfully immobilized and the trap was removed from her paw without any incident," Deputy Chief Chris Doyle said. • Conservation officers captured and relocated a female grizzly bear and its two cubs [...]

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Demo: Affiliate Marketing 101 (Self Hosted Video)

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Montana dog lovers vs. steel traps

Helena attorney Betsy Brandborg has had to free her pet from a steel trap three times while cross-country skiing on National Forest lands. The first incident occurred at a campground. Her Airedale lost blood and teeth, but survived. Brandborg notified the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. After six weeks, she says, FWP finally investigated and informed her that she was wrong to tamper with a licensed trapper’s trap – to rescue her dog. The trapper wasn't cited. Besides getting her dog out of leg-hold traps, Brandborg once needed to free her young son from a trapper’s rusty snare. [...]

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