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Call ODFW Ask why  Gray Wolf Updates are not being updated

Call ODFW and ask why they are not doing any update posts.... the last was in May 2017 May 23, 2017 Wolf OR42 found dead in northeast Oregon In early May, ODFW recovered a dead wolf in Wallowa County. The wolf was OR42 and was believed to be the breeding female of the Chesnimnus Pack. A preliminary forensic examination did not identify a cause of death and no foul play is suspected at this time. However, it is still under investigation and additional laboratory tests are being conducted. Two collared subadult wolves remain within the pack and ODFW continues to monitor [...]

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Single Wolf Dad Cares For Pups Alone After Mother Shot In Zoo Escape 

Ash is helping his pups adjust after their mother's death. A male wolf at a zoo in England is caring for his pups alone after their mother was tragically shot last week. Ember, a female Eurasian wolf at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire, was spotted outside the perimeter fence on July 21, the BBC reported Monday. The zoo said at the time that staff shot Ember as a matter of public safety because they were unable to tranquilize her. Ember’s death has also left her five 10-week-old pups without a mother. The pups were the first Eurasian wolf pups born at the zoo in the [...]

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Oregon Rancher Asks State to Kill Wolves That Attacked Calf

200 meters is not at the Carcass.... whats the Rancher doing leaving it out for BAIT for a week?? They forgot to mention that the Rancher did or did not use deterrents however.... yet on another BLM grazing allotment SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A rancher in northeastern Oregon's Wallowa County has asked state officials to kill wolves from the Harl Butte pack after an investigator confirmed wolves killed a calf. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife tells the Capital Press that it received the request Friday and will decide in the coming days. A Fish and Wildlife investigator determined [...]

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Idaho Wolf control board reports its cost per wolf killed is dropping, population ‘stabilizing’ cough cough

At the budget hearing this morning on Idaho’s Wolf Depredation Control Board, to which lawmakers have been allocating $400,000 a year in state funds for the past three years to contract to have problem wolves killed, the board reported that its cost per wolf killed has been dropping. “In fiscal year ’16, the cost per wolf removal was $9,005 dollars per wolf,” board member Carl Rey told the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. “In ’17, it was $8,003 dollars per wolf so far.” Rey said those figures do include some other costs besides direct wolf-killing, including collaring of wolves – which can [...]