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Gray wolf spotted lurking in the Black Hills Click ThisLink For Video of Gray wolf spotted lurking in the Black Hills A gray wolf has appeared where he isn't supposed to be: the Black Hills. The proof of his presence looks like a clip from a nature documentary, a video that shows a lean, long and powerful gray wolf trotting up a forest hillside and stopping at a distance of about 70 yards. The wolf gives an intense stare back toward the camera for only a moment before scurrying into the safety and seclusion of the aspen- and pine-filled forest. The scene wasn't filmed in Wyoming, [...]

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At least there is one state with a conscience! ALL STATES should follow their example! The recent de-listing actions have removed Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf in eastern South Dakota but the wolf remains protected in South Dakota west of the Missouri River. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) continues to work on plans that could de-list additional areas in the United States, including western South Dakota,” said Scott Larson with the USFWS. via South Dakota State News Home.

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